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Okay I'm Chris Wallace we're going to have to a Chris Wallace segment every day on the show Chris Wallace to set yet to set a live television Boris Johnson was not the most popular person in the world do he just crossed labor in the west result for labor since nineteen fifty five well miss well since I was a seven year old kid in England living under Margaret Thatcher Chris please stop right now blimey I need help in the real world you might enjoy Chris take your calls Jimmy line one Brooklyn welcome to America because to me great show you know we usually hear about ask the American people you better off now than you were four years ago and of course the answer is yes I think the more interesting question is asked the drug cartels you better off than you were four years ago there that's good how to write these down so first the you said the cop tells of a better off who's next esta Muslim terrorists are you better off now than four years behind these better off I love it S. the Russians you better off now the four years ago who else right right are are you better off now than four years now now what did you come up with this did you read this I love this alright come up I've been studying this stuff for half a century man this this is my life this is what I do line though yes you're the guy who was comes and collectors us about the communist history that we've all forgotten this is superb I'm gonna quote Jimmy in Brooklyn this is forget about how well we don't forget celebrate how well we've done as Americans but how does Russia during the jihadis doing other cartels doing house trying to doing I have one disagreement with you Jimmy what's that Russia Russia is not doing well we've killed that most reason Syria with squeezing men's shoes is simple with used to say on NYPD Blue when it comes to energy however you know one thing that Russia is laughing all the way to the bank about that laughing about what the Democrats their allies yes in here impeachment you got it Jimmy salute the prices go up as a great great cold I'm gonna quote you're gonna write something inspired by Jimmy from Brooklyn that's why we have the best coals in talk radio canton Georgia line three welcome can Hey thanks Sebastian subject to my call I have a question for you guards to the swap people are I wonder once I started rambling the web that is all of the Russia hopes and you know the impeachment stuff do you really think they're gonna go all the way up to Mr bomb I missed playing where all of this stuff will lead to are they going to do what they've already done which is find some low level lawyer blame it all on I find it very hard to believe can if I look at the reputation of William bomb and Joan Darrah that they're gonna do what Horowitz stated that the just gonna punted the fact that it's flipped from an administrative review to criminal investigation is huge and I think I think it's absolutely it's so significant remember what what what we heard foot more than a year with with the IG reports it's coming it's going to be it's coming it's gonna be and it was always a delay delay delay this week thank you let me let me finish up this week Eiji bar actually told us way in the US attorney d'armes investigation is going to go public that's you don't get that unless they know they have the goods and the issues that working I the fact that he said sprint late spring early summer you're going to know the details that is massive my friend truly massive well I'm hoping so because they're American justice is supposed to be blind but if these guys at the top get off then there's two justices on systems one for me and one for them and so I I agree I agree but but full faith my look I've also on the show live without rehearsal I've lost the the the most hard bitten cynic coal Sirius truth tellers on the show about Bon about dar repeatedly and whether it's John Solomon whether it's yesterday Joe if you didn't want you guys you need to watch a full hour listen to do it Joe to Jennifer and Victoria Toensing in studio on all of these issues and then Chris Farrell for senior Sirius counter intelligence officer in the US army put bad guys away every single one of those persons said have faith you've got to have faith because if anybody's going to root out and charge people with felonies it's Eiji bomb that it is the US attorney darn so can I understand the frustration but justice yeah look I I I it's it's it's hard to remind yourself of this but it's important to remember and it's in my book it's it's a bonus chapters the interview with the president I also the tough question I said what's the biggest mistake you've made all what's the thing that you would have told yourself for two years ago he said my biggest mistake it was disastrous was making Jeff sessions Attorney General nice guy not up to the job for three years he was absent without leave what happened it took until February of this year it can to get a real Attorney General and he's a honey badger so we only had ten my nine months of Attorney General but they are working day in and day out and the fact that he gave a long interview a long interview right off the Attorney General of the IG report drop saying there are much bigger issues than what you found is the real deal god bless you can thank the caller will go back to calls don't go anywhere Fred breath Nick but William the number is eight three three three three goal because.

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