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Dealing with mental health issues. It's why i have a hard time. Finding get therapist. Who i feel is a good fit for me. I live in the southeastern u._s. And i've grown up around mostly white people most metal hair melt most mental health care providers. Here <unk> are white. It's been very important for me to find a therapist to. I feel can understand the end my background in a nuanced way. We should also remember that. Trauma is often intergenerational not having the intersection of race and ethnicity and mental health in the picture would be like being colorblind and in parentheses pun intended so thank you paul. I appreciate the way you're able to talk with people and how open compassionate you can be <hes> go fuck yourself jess and then i got an email that i think really helped me understand it even more and this is from a listener named madeline madeleine and she writes. I wanted to respond to your discussion on the podcast today about how to talk about race on on the podcast i appreciated the listener's question and also that you open it up for feedback. I'm white too and i've noticed in myself and others that a lot of white people are afraid to talk about race and get pretty defensive immediately in order to shut down the conversation. We we assume that when people bring up how we might have done something that hurts communities of color. We take us being bad people because we've you racism. Racism is something that is primarily interpersonal rather than institutional and systemic. I've been a regular listener since twenty thirteen and i'm now in grad school to become a therapist i also have done a lot of ongoing personal and professional work around whiteness in racism would like to chime in on this what i heard in the listener's question wasn't that you you shouldn't ask about race with your guests of color but they shouldn't be the only guest that you talk about race with this supports the idea that races only something that people of color have and white as the default like your listener said what would it look like. They have every guest identified their race. Not just people of color. I also the listeners idea of just leading up to the guests to determine if they're races important in the narrative they want to tell for instance how it is whiteness impact people's experience of mental illness and health and then she offers a resource. A podcast called seeing white <hes> on scene on radio encinas as c..

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