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Martino was a tough guy and he was a tough guy tom. Ada was tough guy. I don't know to me. It's just like l. o. fighting business. I'm trying to make the right decisions. He's making the right decisions. Here's where it gets. Dicey is by him. Saying this all this so the matchmakers. You're not maybe don't get a top five guy but they're gonna find the toughest match-ups possible because you're not going to play ball with them but still this is the right. He should do in hindsight. We'll see what the does because be stupid. Give them tough matchups to teach them a lesson because they you know he's a huge huge top five but he's the most famous guy in that division by far entertaining takashi. Six nine the paul's and all that shit bradley martin. He's doing staying so the discipline them. He's talking like this but also if you've noticed lately mosleh talking about it should sean talking about it. John jones talking about it. There's all these just about money right now. Like there's never been a a bigger outcry about fighter pay income station the now you just need all the top guys to do it and you could make a change but a few those guys are sitting so fat and happy like i'm not doing shit dude. That's unu- guys. I can't imagine doing it. i could see it now. Yeah now. I could see him doing it now. Collared help but you need an active that you need like izzy tomorrow. John jones francis Fucking who else he got yet. Vokhidov ski you. You need like shevchenko amanda. You need all the champs but we're not fighting to everybody's getting paid fairly that ever gonna happen not in my but it should. This is from aerial wani corner source the number influential industry and visit have come to create a new. Mma league that's never gonna work this stretch more like the nba nhl nfl rather than you to marry promotion. This new league would awesome clue. Athlete association that implements a cba With fifty fifty rev share which is what the nba mlb. An nfl is at guaranteed contracts. Which is what. mlb and hockey and Nba's that health insurance career ending insurance and pension plan. The plan is to announce of entering days. I'm told they're hoping to launch on twenty three lovett great deathly step in the right direction the logo and he's work not a big deal but you'd have to lure over he depth like the number one thing with all these leagues is. They always like because all the depth in seeing there tied into these long term contracts. They don't get any young people got to see. We're going to get like tito. And chuck and fucking roy hoist gracie. I'm same so it's tough to build a league off those vets. Hopefully it works out more competition. The better think of sugar. Sean fought out. His three fights wins all three. He's una feed. He's huge names named keeps getting bigger than this. Wfl offers him. Some crazy contract comes face that wfl that could be cool could be involved that could be cool. Definitely that's the guy to do it. One of the guys do he'd lot more than that. Yeah okay here's a little fun fact this guy nick baldwin from the score. He said yes. How many months are between the first and second years. Robbie lawler five hundred nine months or nine hilarious awesome right. That's nuts and did you see bruce buffer on monday night football. I didn't see it. Good game though. Go raiders.

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