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The movement against pipelines like the Dakota Access Pipeline and Keystone XL Mini. With Joanie for Newman. It was trying water is life. The Canadian company behind Keystone XL. T. C Energy operates a pipeline, which spilled thousands of gallons of oil in South Dakota in 2017 and North Dakota in 2019. Activists and tribal members say the pipeline and dangerous water quality breaks, tribal land treaties and pipeline construction brings the threat of human trafficking. Biden's decision to revoke a presidential permit. Donald Trump granted Canadian developer TC Energy in 2019 puts a heart stop to the $8 billion project. Among those celebrating was Fort Belknap, Indian Community Council president Andy Work, a member of the only tribe. I'm just really happy. I'm really happy and I'm really thankful in South Dakota, the Rosebud Sioux tribal government joined Fort Belknap and suing to stop the pipeline. Rosebud. Sioux President Rodney Bordeaux was busy Coordinating Cove 19 vaccinations when he heard biting, canceled the permit a great victory. Hopefully, that's the end of it, but we'll continue to fight it. We're gonna watch it. But pipeline supporters air seeing the collapse of 10 years of work. BC Energy, which declined to comment for this story released a statement in anticipation of the permit cancelation yesterday and said it's suspending further activity on the pipeline county commissioners in rural northeastern Montana, where agriculture is the dominant industry. Said they had been looking forward to tax revenue, which the state estimated at $63 million a year. Well, extremely disappointed. Mary Armstrong is a commissioner in Montana's Valley County were very large County with very few people seems like a perfect place, and, um, perfectly compatible with US Montana Republicans. Strongly criticized Biden's decision. But Keystone XL has also been supported by Democrats here, including former governor Steve Bullock and Senator Jon Tester. Yesterday. Tester said he still supports the development of the pipeline, but with conditions he had encouraged the Biden administration to meet with supporters and opponents before making a decision. While the pipeline from Alberta looks dead For now, the premiere of that province Jason Kenny yesterday pushed for consequences. The Canadian province of Alberta invested $1.5 billion in the project. In a statement yesterday, Kenny called for Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the decision. However, the U. S government refuses to open the door to a constructive and respectful dialogue about these issues that it is clear that the government of Canada must impose meaningful trade and economic sanctions to defend our country's vital economic interests. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a statement. Expressed disappointment in Biden's decision, but acknowledged Biden's choice to fulfill a promise he made during his campaign run for NPR news. I'm Caleb Erosion. Billings, Montana. Tomorrow on all things considered. Pharmacies have become a key player in the most ambitious vaccination effort in history, protecting Americans against the coronavirus trying to vaccinate most of America. You can't do that without the involvement of pharmacies. That critical public health roll comes with many challenges, limited supply, social distancing and ever changing state and federal rules here that story tomorrow afternoon by asking your smart speaker to play NPR or your station by name. And you're listening to all things considered from NPR news. You're listening on W N. Y. C just ahead after a quick break will summer from the Daily Beast won't talk about sentiments among Cuban on conspiracy believers now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated president Also just ahead of President Biden has set a mask mandate for interstate travel. Today. Airlines already have their own mask requirements. But enforcement has been pretty spotty. They want federal officials to step in, will hear those stories and more right after the break. Support for W. N. Y. C comes from Adelphi University, offering master's degrees in public health, nutrition and exercise science. More information is available at Adelphi dot e d u slash wellness When.

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