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The the prime minister of canada and apparently he hasn't brought it up and thought it was important enough to mention before he left the white house andy paul manafort has been charged with obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice by special counsel robert muller is this separate from that witness tampering or is this kind of the formal charge from witness tampering you know i think it may be it may be separate there there've been other charges but they did bring to a court today the the case of witness tampering where he apparently was using some encrypted device on his phone to send messages to potential witnesses against him or in his case to say look let's get our stories straight you're not allowed to do that and he was told he wasn't allowed to do that as part of the conditions of his home confinement so he didn't have to sit in jail while he awaited trial judges now going to weigh all this evidence here decide whether indeed he should go to jail before he goes to trial abc's andy field with us on komo news komo news time six ten we talk sports and we start with baseball u dub with their first ever appearance in an nc double a superregional game in the huskies get dented cal state fullerton today eight to five so they are now one win away in the best of three to playing in the college world series in omaha nebraska they'll try to get done tomorrow afternoon it down in southern california meanwhile the mariners with a four one lead top of the seventh at trump can't afield saint petersburg florida taken on the tampa bay rays very nice star once again by marco gonzalez for the first place who have a one game lead over the houston astros in the american league west with the astros up four to one in the bottom of the third in arlington against the texas rangers and getting underway in short order in fact they are getting together it's midcourt right now in cleveland cavaliers facing a must win in an oh three hole against the golden state warriors get close up shot of former seattle supersonic has got to say don't you drain half i kind of like saying it and kinda hate sanded same time but katie loved his time here comes back seattle frequently in the.

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