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This place was made for them. That's the kind of visit on talking about. It is not just just putting some words on the wall is how you create senses incites and sounded if if whatever it is you're trying to come up with if you can picture what the most perfect version of that that's was on your vision that you've created at the you've created those feelings and it's not just your job to create the vision you also have to drive the vision and won't be pulling some key phrases from this vision that will become your action items for your mission statement and that's where we'll start to create some action for your vision Turn into a reality. It has to take action because simply you can't just have something on a wall in. Just look at it from time to time. You're getting ready to actually go on a jury so another example for creating vision is a personal vision in this process. Works for personal goals as well regardless of money ear which you might have now how you live your life. What kind diversity. One of the is totally up to you. So here's a little personal vision. Might look like it will be as Examples when you talk about was imported to you things like morning workouts before anybody else gets up or maybe you get up and do some meditation or journal how you prepare for the day. What is your commitment to your profession. How do you connect to your friends and most importantly your personal vision. Does it reflect what you want to be known for. So lastly you know. How do you have a visit. Establish company already has on. So i use it absolutely support. Your current company's vision after you work there and they are paying. You might be a good idea to support him. But think about your gold. Cabbie staff your circle. Vince laments versus your concern. What you do in that space. Oh great example this is the vote gung ho by ken blanchard in sheldon bowles. But a great book. That's a perfect example of vision where the organization they work for. This manufacturing plant was just a nightmare. Disaster by this one department was absolutely running perfectly and they did it on their own. Made him do it. They just decided this is how they were going to run. Wander ticket that in putting that through the rest of the plane in turning everything around so even in your own space for the majority of us that do work larger corporations when you really think about it. They really really isn't much holding you back from doing something like this. You can't do it on your own so look for things that you can actually create a in order to do that so looking at what our vision was we can pull some key phrases from their season about things like comforting aroma. Fresh ground coffee baking items fresh from the other variety holiday known throughout the community known not have good stuff is everybody knows it. That's a huge difference person. Happy to see them caused by. He can't wait to help them. truly enjoys creating amazing products. And how each team member interacts with each other than this place was made for them..

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