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News radio I'm Tom Robert acting homeland security secretary Kevin mac lean is dealing with protests from immigration rights activists ought to also talk about some of the fundamental issues we face with the current legal framework and its ability to address large scale immigration for okay women abruptly ended his speech today at a DC conference due to repeated interruptions the protesters shouted when immigrants come under attack what do we do stand up fight back US forces are leaving northern Syria NBC correspondent cure Simmons says it's a betrayal walks eight could be is a bloodbath on a new phase in this very Dirty War it all really depends on whether Turkey treats this as a full scale invasion or something more limited president trump is defending his decision he tweets that he has great unmatched wisdom arguing that he was elected to get the US out of ridiculous endless wars he about to remain focused on the big picture knowing we can always go back and blast former US diplomat Kurt Volker is resigning as head of the McCain institute Walker says he doesn't want to become a distraction for the think tank he testified for more than nine hours before three house committees last week about what he knows about president from July phone call in which you crane president was asked to investigate from political rival Joe Biden and Biden's son hunter president trump is set to sign a pair of trade agreements with Japan we've been working on that for over a year they're opening up their agriculture we're opening up industrial commodities outside of the car business lot of breakthroughs for the U. S. on E. commerce White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says the packs will benefit American farmers and digital trade joker was the big winner at the box office this weekend earning more than ninety three million dollars in the US and Canada Joaquin Phoenix stars in the movie which is stirred up some controversy you're listening to the latest from NBC news radio Nobel Prize awards are being announced this week kicking things off today the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to two researchers from the US and one from Britain William Kaelin junior is a professor at Harvard Medical School and Greg semaines a heads up the vascular research program at Johns Hopkins University the third recipient Sir Peter Radcliffe is a professor at Oxford they were awarded the prize jointly for identifying the molecular machinery that regulates the activity of genes in response to varying levels of oxygen there are three new laws in California thanks to the college cheating scandal governor Gavin Newsom recently signed the bills which he says will level the playing field for people trying to go to college one of the rules tightens the timeline when colleges can admit students that don't quite meet eligibility standards another requires schools to disclose if they give preferential treatment to certain applicants and the third prevents people found guilty in the scandal to get tax benefits on those phony charitable donations used as bribes chasing camp Donia NBC news radio scientists are worried that mosquito borne illness will be on the rise because of climate change more heat waves bear down bringing with them flooding warm waters and drought this means a changing environment that's conducive to increased populations of mosquitoes as well as bugs showing up in new places Erin Mordecai a professor of biology at Stanford University says we're poised for a lot of surprises they aren't good surprises either Mordecai and others are worried about eastern equine encephalitis chronic kidney disease dengue fever and west Nile virus among others only says he NBC news radio a hair salon on Long Island has to replace the glass on the front window after a deer jumped through it the business was opening clients were present at the time of the Saturday incident happened just prior to twelve thirty on Saturday I'd be you to full hair salon in lake Ronkonkoma woman sitting near the window suffered head and leg pain the deer was inside for a total of twenty six seconds and.

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