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This morning I said fire Bobby deniro so Michael ray stark races I'd like you to do a reading Bogart house this so wonderful actor I know it two weeks later maybe three weeks in the mail the script now it's called by many as stories down perfectly I added one phrase I added the line I sleep in the news winter and summer rain or snow with the windows open in in in yeah it is it didn't you get an academy award nomination he wanted he did I'd let every sign and yeah he was just on such a hot streak and if his voice is so distinctive to sounding and he always looked older younger at the same time yeah your way he did a ton of so many movies now here he is talking about Phil mean the movie what about Bob with Bill Murray and he did not have fun no what what about Bob I hated that movie that is a movie a hundred percent I feel like they came out nineteen nineteen ninety when it was geared towards guys yeah I went I don't think it did away that great don't think so yeah here is talking about working with Bill Murray talk about it for years just got drunk at dinner an Irish drunken believe what.

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