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Former panther giant Viking chief Jeff Schwartz offensive lineman. He's great his brother Mitchell Schwartz plank put achieve starting for the chiefs on the old line. And they're they're saying now wind chill in Kansas City will be minus fifteen degrees. It's going to be the coldest NFL game in a half decade Arctic blast advantage New England. I am not though for that. Oh, no Lord. Lord. I went to college in a cold place. And then I went and lived in Connecticut. What's a cold place? And I really preferred living in Las Vegas and here, which is not a cold place quits. Berg is also known for ability of getting an Arctic by is it. Oh, yeah. Blizzard's? It's it's I mean, it's the same kind of weather is Connecticut or Kansas City. I think there's three teams this weekend. The patriots Rams and chiefs. I think could win games on a neutral field home in a way. I gotta tell you. I don't feel it with New Orleans. I don't think they could beat the Rams in LA. And I don't think they could beat him on a neutral field. I think if they do beat them it's because they're at home. Here's an interesting thing seasons. Don't look at a season holistically Bill Belichick historically September. They experiment early October. They experiment by thanksgiving on their great. And they're always best in December January. He's the best coach ever in. It's incredibly incredibly predictable. Andy Reed has generally been great September October early November. He's had trouble finishing later for a variety of reasons. Maybe he's a place scheme designer. He.

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