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Is it? Six. Good morning, everyone. I'm John Mathews, Prince William and Fairfax County's have both laid out plans for a full five day a week returned to classes this fall. With the vast majority of students expected to take part. Both counties will offer a virtual learning option in Prince William. Their will, For the most part, be virtual on Lee class is separate from the in school learning teachers who have to try and teach both simultaneously will receive extra compensation in Fairfax families must apply for virtual learning and have medical document. Nation to back up their requests. Those applications are due by May. 21st, Fairfax County's new police chief, has been on the job for three days, but he's already under the gun look forward to working with diverse communities. We first have to establish legitimacy to earn trust That's Fairfax County police chief Kevin Davis when he was hired two weeks ago. But now the Fairfax County and double a steep president Karen Campbell in says reported incidents of brutality were not disclosed. They were up nonsense. Closure agreements that were sign which I don't believe the lungs in a public setting, Chief Davis said. To address community questions. Tonight is the end of Lacey P calls for his ouster. Barbara Break W M a. L and w m a l dot com D C police officer who was injured battling rioters who stormed the capital January, 6th has written a letter to Congress and the city officials seeking more recognition for those on the front lines. Michael for known who was beaten, had his own stun gun used against him and who suffered a mild heart. Attacked that day wrote quote. The indifference shown to my colleagues and I is disgraceful, he told CNN last week. Elected officials kind of whitewash the events of that day or Downplay what happened. It is some of the terminology that was used like hugs and kisses. And you know very fine. People is like very different from what I experienced, Pinon says. As his physical injuries have subsided, his psychological trauma has grown worse. Virginia Commonwealth University officials are set to recommend the permanent removal of her fraternity linked to the death back in February of a 19 year old freshman from Loudon County. After he attended one of the fraternities parties, the family of Adam Oaks say he Was given a large bottle of whiskey by fraternity members and told to drink it, which he did. His body was found the next morning. The Delta Chi fraternity has been.

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