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You know the other the other big topic that i know lance is going to teeoff on is is the time cut in before we get to that i think this is more properly going thirty one minute so there must be another coefficient on we missed that one in the rulebook that the snapshot i have of the rule book is is it gets a little technical but it's coefficient three so we have coefficient three and four so there must be another coefficient for these days at the time cuts thirty one minutes i'm still looking gets guys at twenty nine cav has not come in yet more cash minutes ago he was not in yet and kill so if they apply the rules than than they'll they'll take them out of grace okay if they get some clarity fair but if they stuck firm to the time off how many guys would be cut today let's looking like we're still waiting less than we thought yeah they're still out there riding according to this tour to france app but to there will be two guys taking out but but i was getting all round up because if if the time cut was what maybe we thought it was there was a chance at one hundred is would have missed the time good that's we were wrong okay but imagine if they had george says that they all have to be put back in the race and i'm like no if you missed that that's no you're out if it'd be pretty funny on history i mean they they uci comes for we'll make exceptions when there's a big group up back in altogether okay so you'll on just text me cabinet kittle are out and they they won't put them back in they won't put it back in so that changes you know once the state you know the changes the stage in paris that changes i don't we have to go look at how many days or suited to them but certainly the the sprint in in the show's lease as they won't be there but then didn't there historically used to be a lot of guys that would come and sprinters i seven nine days and go home and that was sort of that was our plan and they also come you know what else they do they come in in one arm is about six years longer than the other one about that enforce all these rules for the guys in the front and then these these guys at the back with with right arm six inches longer now we have a lot more than jiro jiro mario this is a crazy and this is a true fact cipollini up up the more to rollo he his he had a top ten time he got so many pushes up the clown he was top ten oh over an overpass like just his time just like z the fans just pushing i wanna talk about a couple of other sky teammates that you guys were making a lot of comments about during the stage kwiatkoski you're a big guy i love this guy and i love the fact that he first of all when he was setting temple and they're getting to this point where if there is tension in the team and it's quick hausky thomas who wants you know wants to win from so quick husky had to stay there because if he sits up now mcgarry thomas isn't gonna start writing so he's setting this massive temple like five favorites now you say that that's exactly why he attacked right he was about to sit up and he did not want to pull he would he would have been a position to work for yeah and so go now another spent some time talking about burn all to egon bernal who's in the young classification jersey and has some no he wasn't today he was not today peer latour was in it i mean i love this name like like this french couple has a kid a longtime ago they love cycling they're like we're going to name him pierre latour but that's a perfect name for the guy in the tour de france now i remember like he lost the jersey it's a risky tactic though like we were saying bernal obviously was not on a great day he got dropped but then he stayed with launda all the way to the finish my opinion you know you got to pick your battles and i i would have tried to have.

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