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More than eight so the end of last year. Actually it was. New Year's Eve was actually closed but there was a government of Jamaica press conference. I'm not sure if you heard what the head of the enterprise esteem who is charged with leading the divestment of the robots on dome but he came onto the podium to make an announcement and he announced that the government of Jamaica. Actually you know intense to wind down operations at Robuchon. So they're going to they're essentially going to be moving. The don't so are they. I mean he spoke to things like you know Slowly transitioning away from that site so there was an announcement last year to see. That too tacos will no longer be going to report on. They're going to be going somewhere else. But I think the intention now is to move although materials away from that site so you just find that over time less and less garbage is going to be going to. What's on and I think? The hope is that they'll eventually be able to transition. To rylands is the term he used to uh-huh hold that impacts air quality issues is that of course is me just source of air pollution in that area and it really impacts the public health and environmental communities around. You are really happy to hear that. This is the fact that this action is going to be finally take after decades that the jet has been advocating for this both under this project. And before. You don't really really great to hear that this much-needed action is is GonNa be taken so we were hoping that they're going to fast track that they they gave End of one thousand nine hundred ninety deadline we we would love to see it happen even more because of course an announcement those fixed the air quality issues. That's our experience area right. The citizens are still being impacted by poor air quality associated. Let's see did with the dumper though we want to see that hop on but it's really really good news especially to start off two thousand nineteen so we're happy AH.

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