Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral, President Trump discussed on Chad Benson


Scarred by fire Paul Stevens. Fox News Paris's fire chief saying the structure of the Notre Dame cathedral has been saved despite a major fire the dates significant damage happened just after six pm in Paris around twelve eastern off to the church the cathedral had shut to terrorist. It's believed to have started at the back roof of the cathedral under scaffolding which had been in place for a major seven million dollar restoration. It is not believed to be absent or terror-related an hour later thick smoke was billowing across Paris. Flames began to appear engulfing that entire roof as the forest wooden beams inside it took hold finally the roof caved in that famous spy that looks out over Paris, crumbled, boxers Benjamin hall, the Justice department saying it will release special counsel Robert Muller's report on the Russian investigation to the public on Thursday morning. Redacted report will be sent to congress Mullah wrapping up his investigation late last month. So. Mitigated four hundred page report to attorney general William barb. President Trump will have to deal with at least one Republican challenger for his reelection. Former Massachusetts Governor William weld saying he'll challenge the president for the GOP nomination. America as a choice. Two thousand nineteen. Better America starts here. President. Well, releasing that campaign video a short time ago, Vermont Senator Democratic White House candidate Bernie Sanders. Taking part in a Fox News townhall. Tonight's Macronix socialism to me. Is creating a government and an economy in a society, which works for all rather than just the top one percent. It means ending the absurd inequalities that exist today that town hall in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This is Fox News. Lots of investment firms talk about customizing portfolio to your knees. But they may only look at one or two aspects of your financial situation,.

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