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Backup would dare jitters doing with marlins yes i do think that there is there a at least they might be dead ass wrong but i think there is a method to their madness i think the hallands i didn't have a plan in place to lake we are we are blowing this up and we are starting from fucking rebel it seems stupid like why don't you just get more back in return and you don't have to start from rebel but they came in it's a new ownership group that probably has their eyes set on some sort of economic model i dunno i think it's fucking crazy but at least you have to imagine there's been some like commerce age i literally durazone what they're doing i don't think they know what they're doing i don't think i don't think they know idol that then fine in the same goddamn boat as the most incompetent franchises in all sports so it's one way or the other you would you rather i i hope i and i have to i have to take something new i have to try to change okay give me darjee to right now kevin would you rather have james dolan round the mets or will ponds around the next this is the beauty of my life all of the owners would you rather have wanted johnson james dolan or if the fucking we'll ponds that's my life we'll we'll ponds are the stupidest businessmen on the planet earth kelly are so stupid they they don't know what they're doing with their money they don't they don't know what they're doing inside a baseball they don't know what they're doing outside of baseball when they do spend money they spend it in the wrong places when they do finally find a modicum of success rather than spending more money to go over the top and seal the deal they just sit there and they relax or good enough to they.

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