Eric, Kale Bj, President Trump discussed on Austin's Morning News


They've ever put out the plan should be open sometime in twenty twenty two Eric like of newsradio kale BJ not everyone was happy with the president's visit to Austin hundreds of protesters rallied outside apple's manufacturing plant in northwest Austin among them this woman named she says there's several reasons she's protesting but the most important reason is to protest the legitimacy of trump as president and his abuse of power on the other side hundreds of trump supporters line to welcome him there Travis county Republican the inquiry Joe it's just like they didn't find anything in the Russian collusion it's a narrative to try to get rid of them and undermine his presidency Junglee newsradio kale BJ fifteen years now Caldwell county is seeing some positive economic and population trends Caldwell county judge hobby Hayden says the county's growth has been very welcome since twenty thirteen we've grown from thirty nine thousand two hundred seven people to forty three to forty seven and as everyone who lives in la carte knows that we're growing like crazy since twenty thirteen the unemployment rate has dropped from six and a half percent now three point six percent the number of people living under the poverty poverty line is also dropped by two point one percent in terms of the city of la carte specifically Marilu white says job growth is up three point four percent the past year la carte population is projected to double by twenty forty five and university of Texas to spend it study abroad programs for students wanting to go to Hong Kong this is because of the ongoing violent protests over there officials say the programs in Hong Kong will be suspended due the twenty twenty spring semester but half the UT students currently in Kong Kong Hong Kong have reportedly already evacuated and it is now five thirty four can you look at Austin's on time traffic looks like we have a brand new rec reported southbound one eighty three right it FM eight twelve so watch out for that one but everything else looking pretty good no other crashes stalls out there that should be pushing it too many problems in your major roadways right now let's get a look at your news radio kill to generate our weather watch breezy with plenty of clouds today they'll be a passing shower with a high of seventy nine degrees mostly cloudy and quite mild tonight there could be a sprinkle MO sixty four.

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