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I think the understood fucking complicated and just fucked up. The whole situation was how charles never wanted to marry. Diana the first place not really how queen elizabeth have been a thorn in the side of diana charles and camilla all right. The heart of the timeline. Now explore some conspiracies about what really happened. Good job soldier. You've made it back there to this day. Rumors persist diana's death was no accident. Many believed some still believe is planned. Assassination by the royal family. They cited several reasons that the royals would leads. You want to kill diana almost all of which have been disproven by numerous investigations. The daily express a british daily tabloid and hamad. Al fayed dodi's father were the main spreaders of the theory that the royal family helped plan this car. Crash and response to metropolitan. Police launched operation. Paget two years cost millions of pounds only if the police to agree with the initial reports their investigation examined one hundred seventy five different theories determined. None of them were true here. The nine main reasons and or clues conspiracy theories point to regarding her motives. You know Regarding believing the royals had diana killed the number one is dina was killed because she was pregnant. With dodie fayad's baby mohammed. Al fayed was the guy who really pushed us. When he felt the royal family could not accept an egyptian muslim could eventually be the stepfather of the future. King of england. Rumors of her pregnancy were rampant before her death on holiday in france newspaper speculated that she was pregnant diana also made comments about a big surprise coming soon however the post mortem exam found no signs of pregnancy. Her blood tests revealed no pregnancy. Dining close friends went on record to say that she had never mentioned anything about this to them. Never told them she thought she might be pregnant. So doubtful dated Number two dinah did believe at one point she was going to be killed by the establishment. So this feels conspiracy rumors right. Of course paul berle. Her former butler disclosed a lot of the dyna- gave him for safekeeping said. I fear my husband is going to kill me in an automobile accidents. That doesn't look good at the time she wrote this letter. She was having car troubles. She feared first aid and she was a very dramatic person. based on a lot of other confessionals and her writing stuff. Her bodyguard recently died an accident. You'll her former lover. She thought this part of the conspiracy and again. This does not look good but people worry about shit. That has not all the time. I'm one of my fucking crazy head. I built up so many scenarios or so so has it out for me only to realize later. Not the case at all made a lot of stuff in my brain and mike yeah. I'm crazy. dana schubert crazy to The third Theory here the paparazzi intensity caused a car crash to cash in on the carnage right. According to this theory the paparazzi chased pushed the car causing it to crash into the pillar so they could get the death photos and then make millions. an investigation. Term is not true that this is a really stupid. I think because she was worth a lot more in my opinion to the tabloids in the long run alive right sure..

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