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Potatoes for just three bucks. Choose wisely choose Wendy's limited time. Only during breakfast hours. Only pricing participation may very well. CASS Carlson scattered light rain. Which we had on radar, but it's kind of What's it doing? It's expanding its congealing into a bigger chunk of rain, so we'll get wet. I think very morning drive at some point of the rest of the day. Like I said, Open on rain clouds 74 tonight down to 60 with clouds tomorrow. Slight chance of rain and 81. Then it gets hot. Thursday, Friday and through the weekend when the upper eighties to lower nineties We got 58 right now. 700 wlw 700 wlw sports that guys that Thank you. Mikey. Reds update Logan Web tossing six shutout innings Last night he was backed up by home runs off the backs of Wilmer Flores, Mikey Stransky and Mauricio Dubon. As the Giants beat the red 6 to 3. Sonny Gray took the loss allowed four runs over five innings of work. I felt like the ball is coming out, okay? I thought it had some good life to my It's my fastball. Mr my curveball, Lot toe lefties. Wasn't quite throwing it for a strike that my slider was okay. But I guess it was two homers tonight is what kind of got me Game two tonight Has former Red Anthony Disco Funny up against Luis Castillo 700 WLW is coverage 5 40 With sports Talk and Yarnell carriers in sight Pitch Kelsey Chevrolet Extruding show After the game, Castillo is struggling right now at one and five y more. Just bad luck. I've been having a lot of bad black. I think my breakfast order is getting better each time I go out there, but I think it's just more bad like that's going on and decently. That's AH, that is Castillo talking through an interpreter. A D. Sclafani is having a nice year for the Giants three and one and 2 to 14 E arias. He.

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