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Next time. Which is my real story, but tune in another week and we'll do it. I think it's wonderful. It is brilliant. That one goes to eclair well done Claire. And this next word is amplexus. Amplexus and cell and Thompson from killingworth says amplexus is an upmarket in cast area system. As an amp in Alexis. And effie from whitley bay says amplexus is being both ample, yet flexible. So would you like the upmarket in cast area system or being both ample yet flexible? What do you recommend? Well done. Excellent stuff. I can tell you amplexus you'd never have guessed this. Amplexus is the mating embrace of a frog and a toad. Now, should you ever need it? The mating? Embrace of a frog in a toad. Well, if you're writing and say, I'll do Nash, probably would have found that very useful. People who write Anna, the mating embrace of a frog on a toad is an amplexus. Yes. This is why people tune into this podcast. They also, some of them, because I, at the end, always read a little poem. A favorite poem of mine because I love poetry. And I love the way poets just have fun with language. And one of my favorite poets is a friend of mine, roger mcgough, lovely man, and last week I went to an event where he was a celebrating his new book called safety in numbers. Caroline Duffy described him as the patron saint of poetry. I'm going to read a short poem about language, really. And it's by roger mcgough. It's called tensions. Why is the past tense? All that unfinished business and no going back. Why is the present tense? Having to make it all up as it goes along. Why is the future tense? The weight of expectation and time running out. And it has. Yes, because that's the end of our podcast. We have had a wonderful time with you, marvelous people here in Newcastle. And thank you for the whitley bay congregation. Coming over. It's been very special. We love meeting the purple people. We do. And maybe we'll go international. If you are a purple person in Australia or India or North America, will come and see you one day. Meanwhile, every Tuesday, there's a new podcast. Yes, and something like this is purple. This is something else production. It was produced by Lawrence Bassett and Harriet wells alongside Sam Hodges from tilted for the live shows. Additional production comes from Chris ginner, Jen mystery, J Beal, and world of beardy. Weirdly, really. Golly. Twas in a restaurant they met Romeo and Juliet, he had no money to pay the debt, so Romeo owed what Juliet. Bet MGM, welcomes you with a special offer on the NBA. Simply place a $10 money line wager on today's game. If either team hits a three pointer, you'll win $200 in free bets, regardless of your wager's outcome. Just use bonus code champion 200 when you make your bet. Bet MGM is proud to be an authorized gaming partner of the NBA, and there's endless ways to make it rain with the king of sportsbooks, download the app or go to bet MGM dot com and use bonus code champion 200 to win $200 in free bets if a three pointer is made in today's game. Visit bet MGM dot com for terms and conditions. 21 years of age or older to wager. Washington D.C. in Virginia only, new customer offer, all promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements, rewards issued as non withdrawable free bets or site credit, free bets expire 7 days from issuance. Please gamble responsibly, gambling problem call one 805 two two 4700..

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