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And I thought that was really nice, and I've got the manuscript in my computer, and dammit, I wanna get it published somehow because the great stories and mazes in there and McCovey is in there. And unfortunately, people who have now passed away, and it was wonderful to look to consult with with Tom. But we remember when he came to New York and. How he just changed? The he just changed everything he was responsible for their new identity. He'd never bought into the. We got past all of the losing one hundred and twenty losses. The first year three out of four games. They go forty one hundred twenty but Casey Stengel is the manager. And he's deflecting all of this. And they become known as the loveable losers Seaver shows up with his education with his with his time in the marines. He's not buying into this lovable. Loser stuff at all. And there's now a seriousness about him. And changing the perception of the franchise. Imagine a player doing that. But that's what Seaver did when he came in in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and goes out and win sixteen game for a team that loses one hundred and one games and as twenty seven pitchers on that team. And then and then after that season Hodges shows up again, a Marine One of the beloved presence in presences in the history of New York baseball as the manager a guy who gives no quarter to anybody who is not gonna play the game, the right way, and he and Seaver change everything. And I'm there on opening day in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine for I think a buck thirty upstairs. And they're gonna play a team. That's never played a game yet the Montreal Expos the expansion team. Well, the Mets having won an opening debt. My God they're going to win this one aren't they and trivia questions who was the starting pitcher against Seaver in the nineteen sixty nine on opening day in nineteen sixty nine. Mud cat grant who didn't pitch three innings and the first hitter for the Montreal Expos Maury wills and somehow Seaver gives up a home run the Expos open the doors to the bullpen and they bring in. A succession of relief pitchers, including a guy that they had gotten in the expansion draft from Cincinnati relief pitcher left-hander named Dan McGinn. Dan, McGinn hits a home run off the top off. Tom Seaver rusty Staub hits a home run off. Al Jackson who started the season in nineteen sixty nine for the Mets before being traded and a game in which Tommy g gets picked off of second base. Don Shaw was exposed by the Mets in the expansion draft selected by Montreal. Pitches terribly and gets the win Expos eleven Mets ten the Mets. Don't win a game against a team that has never played a game. They lose to the Montreal Expos eleven ten and there may be people in this audience that were there with me the place was packed and the Mets still had not one on opening day. And later that summer the cubs and the rivalry with the cubs. Seaver flattens Ron Santo. And no love lost there as we know for those of a certain age who watch Santa clicking his heels every time. The cubs won really really honk off the Mets Seaver flat to Santo Bill hands. Never never the shy type pitching for the cubs hits Seaver in the back. Hands comes up Seaver hits hands in the stomach and Mets fans. Think this is our sergeant at arms. This is our man this is our guy we're not going to back down from from the Chicago Cubs. And that was another of the reasons that Seaver was beloved for the manner in which he pitched for the New York Mets and his presence and in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine he pitched into the ninth inning seventeen times and never gave up a run. And in September. When the game's really counted as the Mets blew past the cubs and finished eight games ahead of them in September Seeber was six zero with a zero point eight three earned-run average. I'm anxious for your phone calls as we continue the conversation for Tom Seaver after John delivers his twenty twenty..

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