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Fire inside some sort of tunnel. Yeah. For a bunch of homeless folks had been camping outlet mattresses and other debris caught fire. And and he was quite a mess. The fire department can't plug up that tunnel or block it off because it would be a flooding has house. The homeless is an Howard says, well, what we need to do is pump more money into the system. And this is just proof that we need more money to help get these people off the streets and got a phone call. And I guess he didn't want to stay on hold. He was mentioning mobile loaves and fishes that model works pretty good at helping keep people off the streets. Now, they feed a lot of folks that is for sure yes. How did they keep them off the streets that homeless encampment out on the east side of Travis county mobile loaves and fishes put that together. True community. I some of them. Yeah. It. It's I mean, we have all these little programs here another program here another program here, which is certainly making a dent. But the overall the overall disaster that we have here in Austin, Texas is a long way from being solved. It is six nineteen here on the Don show you jump in. Now, we talked earlier this week about electric vehicles. How the city is making a push to encourage car dealerships to talk more about electric vehicles. But potential buyers of vehicles trying to get people out of their gas guzzling cars into an electric vehicle, and you you highlighted at best these cars, just don't look cool. They gotta look cool before the average consumer's gonna want one. You know? I mean, there's some people that want to protect the environment and all that stuff. And so they go out and go looking for a any electric vehicle, but very few people walk on a dealership looking for a car onto the parking lot. And they ended up just walking away with an all electric vehicle. Right. It wasn't their intention. So it's it's odd to make that big switch. While you're there on the floor. Sure. But Porsche has come out with the vehicle, and this is beautiful Porsche plans to produce an impressive forty thousand all electric taken cars per year. Porsches reportedly doubling their plan production capacity for the taken TAY C, A N or Tyke. And I'm not sure how you say that its first all electric vehicle to a massive forty thousand units per year. This according to German reports now previously Porsche reportedly planned on building only about twenty thousand per year. But they're doubling that effort, and it doesn't sound like much of an increase. But it's it is. Yeah. Now, we previously reported that portion was considering an increase of the plan capacity production. But now they have apparently made that decision to double the number of cars. Well, I mean for those that ensure it'll be expensive as hell if it's Porsche, and it, you know, it. Yes, I'm sure it will look amazingly cool, but it won't be accessible to the majority of the consumers out there. And that's just like, you know, I mean. I think that that that that certainly the Tesla's look amazingly cool. I love those cars, but those aren't accessible to the majority of the public after they're expensive show. If soon as they get a three hundred forty thousand aren't they I well, I guess yeah. They have one that starts at forty thousand. I guess, but you know, if they have the one that looks cool, and you feel like you can go anywhere in it including cross country, and it just feels like something that's going to suit your lifestyle. You've got something there. That's for sure you're not going to buy one until they make one that looks like grandma's car. Something like a Buick something you can drive to luby's or on to church every Sunday again, I would go for an electric vehicle. I would I would go for something. In addition to my regular car, something I could just kind of drive around locally to the gym in the store and stuff. I I would go for that. Sure. I got if if if it wasn't too damn expensive. I gotcha. Yeah. So listen report. Report out from the national home builders association of shows. Austin's affordability crisis is getting worse the hba of the greater Austin areas. David Glenn says, the so-called priced out index in the metro has been growing for the past six years for the Austin round rock in that say that number actually is one thousand ninety households are priced out every one dollars added to the cost of. So every time the cost of the average home goes up a thousand dollars another one hundred thousand people are so are priced out. Glenn says this is caused by mixture of Boston's litany of building codes area. Incomes not keeping up with housing costs. And we've got this interest rate hike as well, not to mention trade tariffs things like that affecting lumber prices. We're going to hear more from him in just a few minutes coming up after the news at six thirty get some interesting insight into the hoops and hurdles that Austin puts in front of home builders, which leads to, you know, the price of a home going up, which leads to more people living in. Tunnels and caves on the bridges and things like that. According to an Howard. Well, that's that's that might be extreme. But it's it's it's, you know, those days of being able to get your starter home right in Austin right right in the middle of Austin. Those are long gone, man. It is now gonna be on the outskirts and trying to work your way in. But the thing why would you try to work your way in? Well, if you want to live if you want to live here. Cedar park round rock in the outskirts as you say, nothing nothing. No, no, no, no, no. Those are fine communities. No doubt about it. But if you if living in downtown or not downtown at least in the middle of Austin, Texas. As your starter home. Forget it. Now here are some of the hot spots serve. The where people are buying the most homes, or at least it's changing over the past few.

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