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Men's basketball team is now ten into after rallying to beat number twenty one Washington seventy five to seventy one and when the diamond heat classic diamond head classic in Hawaii here's you dub head coach Mike Hopkins first half way to fourteen point lead we were doing really really well couple bad possessions let him right back in the game we we we haven't been able to to extend those fourteen point lead in games the second half got to a point where they had those three threes and and and every time I go on the end of the shot clock those guys were able to get the ball somehow some way and you gets a team like that that's what they feed off of so you're just feeding the frenzy well those keys route ten and three in pre season and they start pac twelve conference play at home on January second against UCLA the return of Marshawn Lynch to the sea hawk still has fans really excited and the hawks head coach Pete Carroll says he's not surprised that Marshawn Lynch's return to Seattle's generating so much buzz impacted a lot of people are people of C. optional he's he's been something very special in the end so I'm I'm thankful for the fans of the info with and all that and I'll be really thrilled with the you know not seven hundred and nine million is referring to two hundred and ten yards Lynch is being joined by his former backup Robert Turbin both of them coming back to Seattle to help as the team continues to a try to recover from some serious injuries are a couple of scenarios where the hawks could become one of the top seeds in the NFC the most important thing is they would have to win the west and to do that they would have to beat the San Francisco forty Niners it's a home game for the hawks and it's Sunday evening como news time seven forty two we'll check traffic and weather coming up next we all love to hate the new phone yeah I just switch to boost mobile and.

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