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Robin Lundberg is all on the year your welcome here's robin Lundberg college football player okay LSU overall the because all state I would you mind a thirteen and a half Clemson minus two the second game the bigger game as far as the expectations I think for how good the game will be in which team actually has a chance to win the national championship it in many ways I I think the first thing is the more interesting game storyline wise at least you got the Heisman Trophy winner you've got the the coach you produce the last two Heisman Trophy winners before the current one you got Joan hurts and his whole story but people just expect those you to run over Oklahoma what do you expect are you are you super excited super pumped for the college football playoff eight five five two one two four two two seven I mean the answer should be yes right again like I said before if this is the Superbowl we could take prediction because we could take you know all sorts of of theories thoughts and analysis so what you would hope that the the college football playoff if it's working the way that they wanted to what would generate the same sort of buzz and excitement eight five five two one two four two two seven let's go to Jay in Louisiana J. you're up next here on CBS sports radio what's going on Jay Hey man I'm super pumped about this game today I knew it was you don't pull it out I have to say though I listen to your comments about go through your coaching a long time and he's not alligator either Jay I I didn't mean I mean I that was sort of a joke I didn't mean that it's a dis what what I meant is that's the way people view him especially in contrast to a Lincoln Riley but you have to give him credit for what LSU is done this season and you can't dismiss his ability as a coach and I I feel like people sort of do because he's very cartoonish that's what I meant by that that's right everybody is outside Luzon things we all go to school in P. rose and their boat so he he's he's from here yeah but he's he's worked a long time in the league I respect him a lot he's a good coach and he's done a lot for real issue and but I think it was you don't pull it out the other three game is kinda interesting enough think if somebody comes out will serve on.

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