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Big way, speaking out about the death of George Floyd by sending thousands of postcards urging people to contact their elected representative about their views on race. Sasa Akil was the guest on this week's edition of W. T. O P s new podcast colors, a dialogue on race in America with JJ Green and Chris Core. What happened was I kind of announced. You my followers just on Instagram, Um, that I was giving away these postcards for free when I was asking them to write to their representatives, their elected officials basically anyone they could think of in any position of power on but tell them specifically that we have an issue with the death of George Floyd, but also that we just have an issue with Deaths of black people in America on but at the hands of police and tell them that we we want to change and that is the basic beginning of the project, but it kind of grew into more. Sasa is 17 years old and I know she sounds way older than that. But she's 17. And this this project is well, This is gigantic. I think they gets incredible. What What city do you live in salsa on? So I live in Silver Spring, Maryland. But generally people ask, I say we and because I think we have a special energy and culture going on. And we did. And I'm very proud of it s Oh, yeah. Hominy Hominy postcards. Have you sent out so far? Oh, well s o. I've officially mailed out to different people all across the country from like New Jersey too. Even someone in Canada? Actually, I've mailed about 500. But I've also passed out on the streets on just people I've met in person Total is 668 postcards. I'm interested in finding out how far you want this campaign to go. And at the end of whenever you get to the end of this campaign, if there is an end what is it that you want to have a chief? Yes. That's a really good question. I'm still working on myself s 01 thing that I knew straight from the beginning was that I would have a hard time just As a singular teenage person measuring the impact of this project. Um, I knew that I wouldn't necessarily be able to see you know how it affected the people who are receiving it unless it was a huge huge volume of postcards of their receiving, um s Oh, my my goal in my dream, And my hope was that I would get lots and lots and lots of orders, which I did. Um these postcards and have so many sent out that eventually it would just be something that one elected official or another would have to notice. But that's far of course, I haven't really seen that. And so my my hope is that this project doesn't really have an end that it's just an ongoing It becomes a way that people think that people think of as Something they can do to make their impact because that's what that's how it started off for me was I need to know I need to do something and to allow other people to do something as well on so I just hope that this continues even after me. Just you know something that I can I can share with the World Sauces Project is called. The Man was lynched Yesterday. You can listen to this new episode tonight and download colors any time on apple podcast podcast one Spotify or wherever you get Podcasts, 11 14. I like a bed. That's really firm..

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