Orlando Sentinel, Donald Trump, Ted Kennedy discussed on Mark Levin


There was a time when even a single iphone college degree a bogus work history would Duma politicians career in. It's amazing, the writing like this about Trump when, in fact, it's Joe Biden, who is the serial liar and the plagiarism a complete fraud. Is it? Not so for Trump who claimed twenty seventeen that he lost the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally. They say they didn't in two thousand eighteen you said North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat. It is twenty nineteen. He said, windmills caused cancer. They don't just last week. He claimed the media fabricated, unfavorable results from his campaign internal polling. It didn't. Trump also said that, if he wanted to keep your doctor, you would. Oh, that was bomber. Trump also said that you would see your deductibles go down. Oh, that was Obama. Trump also said that you would see your your policies go down by twenty five hundred dollars. Oh, I believe that was Obama. Obama. According to a Washington Post database, the president has tallied more than ten thousand lives since he took office, not only is that a lights an impossibility. So here you have the Orlando Sentinel, editorial page lying to their readers. Trump successful assault on truth as the great casualty of this presidency. Followed closely by his war on decency was wore on decency. I'm sure this newspaper was very upset with Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson and their indecency in the Oval Office. I'm sure there were very upset about Ted Kennedy and his indecency. Trump insults, political opponents and national heroes alike with middle school taunts. Demonstrates, you know, again, I dress this in my book. If you're interested in on freedom of the press not a word here in the Orlando Sentinel. It should be called the Orlando predictable. About the vile names. This president has been called names that I've never seen before logically against another president. He demonstrates, no capacity, for empathy or remorse. Well, that's a lie. That's a lie. He stands with those families that have had their children slaughtered legal aliens among others. Is empathy for police? He has empathy for our military. He misses his office to punish opponents. No. He doesn't anyone. He recently called for a boycott of AT, and T to get even with his least favourite media outlets CNN. So what? He didn't turn the federal government against AT and T the way Obama turned the federal government against AP and the New York time in the yeah the New York Times investigative reporter rise. And Jim Rosen of the. Of the Fox News channel. I mean this is what I mean. There's no context here. He tears down institutions once early suggesting you should try having a leader for life as China now allows that was a joke. You clowns maybe ought to look at. Tom Friedman, who was who is very enamored with the Chinese system, a few years ago that I put in one of my books, but, you know, he seems incapable of learning a lesson telling an ABC interviewer last week, just two months after Robert Muller's report on election interference was released that he would accept her on an opponent from Russia or China. That's not exactly what he said and it goes on at the Orlando Sentinel. This is why it's hopeless. With these mass modern media outlets. The Orlando Sentinel is incapable of reform. It's incapable of circumspection. So don't read it. Back. I just tore up my Xerox copy of their editorial, I don't need to understand what's going on in this country. In order to go through the Orlando Sentinel. As a matter of fact, if I want to understand what's going on in this country, I would not go through the Orlando Sentinel. Liar liar. Joe Biden's pants are on fire. He want to talk about a liar. Joe pine was speaking at something called the poor people's campaign presidential form yesterday. That poor people attend. Hope they were able to attend for free. Cut AAC, go Fran and find your nominee winning Georgia. North Carolina, South Carolina, believe it or not. And I believe we can win, Texas and Florida..

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