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And 6 80 The sports lead to re joins in there, as well as a Brayden point final goal in the fifth overtime Stanley Cup playoff game won round one between the Columbus Blue Jackets. And the Tampa Bay Lightning. How often we talk Tampa Bay Lightning puck in the leadoff spot almost never get your pens out. Mark it on your calendars. Mark it on your phone may be a while before we're talking Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets again, But we can't ignore this. I was texting with Paulie Mac about this last night. Mike Holer are borne out for the the early afternoon show with pop in London. He was the 1st 1 to put me on it. I was watching Dan Miller go for 61 on by the way. Damian Lillard in that game, like Dallas was down 15 or something 14.5. Willard had 25 they were talking at halftime about how he had just found out that he had to have just walked out that Memphis in law, so he had an opportunity to try to take over the H spot with the with the Portland Trail Blazers. And and Mykola attacks me and he says, Hey, you watching you watching hockey? I said, no, I'm watching basketball. Did you want to throw this on there In the third overtime it could be going for And I said I'm in. I'm all in. Let's go Playoff hockey. Sudden death going into 1/4 overtime, So we watched it. Sachin got off work and she was ready to flip on her Gilmore girls or whatever nonsense she wants, Tio. Nothing ever blows up on Gilmore Girls. Dude, let me tell you nothing, Nothing ever explodes. Anyway, It's not even really well written, but I don't understand how this show lasted so long and they ve reprised in anyway, we digress way we'll try to progress through this. It just it stresses me out. Every day she throws down like we turned. This s off. It's not good. It's not entertaining. So she sat through to watch the end of the hockey game with me. Anyway, This was an incredible an incredible game. I was exhausted, even turning it on in the third overtime period. So get this couple the notes from the game. And Brayden point was the one who hit the final goal. They're just kind of rolls to him, and he just wax it. These guys had to be dead. Like, you know, you don't prepare for this. You can't have the stamina for this. It's It's a shootout after what overtime in the regular season and then you just played till somebody scores in the postseason. Nobody is ready for this for five overtimes. Say there was a game back in, like 2006 or seven same sort of thing between Dallas and can't remember who it was. That was, like, four overtimes or something like that, and guys were just burning. They play late into the night so much so they had to postpone a game between Boston and the Carolina Hurricanes. It was scheduled for afterwards. Thegame time. Time of game Now, time of game, Not not ice time. I'm talking from the moment the puck drops to the moment the game ended. Six hours and 24 minutes is the time of Game 6 20 for the joke I saw on Twitter was that when the game started the Big 10 and the Pac 12 still had football season by the top. It ended police playing college football. This year. It's the fourth longest game and Stanley Cup playoff history. The Blue Jackets goaltender Eunice Korpisalo. I believe his name Korpi Salo. Something like that. He made 85 saves. That's an NHL record. They were talking one of the guys did during the intermission, said. I was hoping he was going to get to 100 so I hope we get to 100 saves and be kind of cool to set the all time record. He did it anyway. With 85. It's a playoff record. Columbus defenseman Seth Jones. He said. A new NHL playoff record now, he said, the time of game was six hours and 24 minutes. He's been a total time on the ice skating of 65 minutes and six seconds old game is 60 minutes. He spent 65 minutes and six seconds on the ice skating around Incredible stuff. The blue Jackets were playing by the way on top of all this. Because of all the rapid round robin sort of playing they were doing before they started the actual Stanley Cup playoffs on they are playing like in this bubble city. We should note, by the way, no positive tests. The NHL reported this morning in two weeks since reporting to their playoff bubble, so Major League baseball who's discussing this for their postseason just put another put another check marks in the bubble box. Because I think it's working. It's working in spades for the MBA for the NHL for the MLS, everyone he's doing it. It appears to be without issue. So the final note here is the blue Jackets were playing their sixth game. In nine days. That's absurd On top all of that. There's 69 games by the way of those 62 of them have gone to overtime. Here's Brayden point scored the final goal to win this one we had to say about playing a five Over time game a game that went a.

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