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For some time to come Alexis thanks for joining us Yahoo finance's Alexis Christophorus it's one forty eight traffic and weather together every ten minutes seventy eight scanned adults still problems on the New York State Thruway we do have delays on the New York State Thruway with action activities we've had more than one spot for this so you're southbound side on the Thruway after exit thirteen for the palisades we've got an active there that is blocking at least one lane also a south bound and before exit twelve in west Nyack a crash at least the one main block to that fact it's more than one late so so difficulty there and then north on the New York State Thruway into the wood bridge toll plaza accident also blocking at least one man there as well so that's been very active on the New York State Thruway that Connecticut on the Connecticut turnpike troubling nor predicted for Greenwich also no but exit Stamford some lane closures with construction all the work continues at the New York Connecticut border our friend Jeff checking in and the multiple lane closures into the New York Connecticut border so southbound on the doing through a director twenty one yeah the two lanes knocked out and north down into that area you've also got just a one lane available so multiple lane closures with the construction people just really slow down as Jeff which is telling me that you're right a long island of that page parkway closure bold ways as did they continue that long term overnight project between southern stay in plain view road so a detour around at that one and across the Hudson River the George Washington bridge envelopes years three lanes blocked lower levels EZ pass only palisades rabbit shut down in the in the lower level of the apartments one many construction there too our next topic a day less than ten minutes on WCBS is meteorologist Mike listening rather cloudy and humid early this morning with areas of fog and a low of sixty eight degrees in Central Park later today turning.

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