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You go up not if you. Hey all right. Let's ratchet down the judge about these things all right with the twitter's let's we blow this out of proportion deal kevin kevin's right. I'll take that back. I apologize christopher judge. This is not the roman and it could be any number of reasons But he said. This is the classiest thing that i've ever heard about in this business everyone involved in the uk. I'll take all that back. He's abbreviate god of war. To g of w g you only it's gotta be g. o. w. w it all over. It's taken over gears of war. We've all been there. We've put out a tweet menlo. This is hard and then everyone judges it. Everyone judges it research here chris. You're having a bad time. You're not helping us help us help you help us help you. Just g. o. W. everyone involved in the g. o. w. franchise put their hearts and souls into every frame. You see. I wanna thank everyone. That's allowed me to play I assume he meant to say players in character but yeah but yeah so now we know but because i think it was like play love re there was there was a four three two that i just couldn't handle anymore typo too. That's fine that's fine. That's understandable ten. This is i think this is great. And i think initially we all thought. Oh this'll get taken down pretty soon. Pr will kind of snap this up Just based on how kind of inside baseball it seemed and then seeing corey barlow replied to it like hey man we love you dude like. You're you're part of the team that we can do this to you and it'd be really i'm like okay that that's great. They're not gonna take that down but it also just sort of shows you how shitty the movie industry in the tv. She has been to him where something just like. Basic human decency is such a surprise to him that a studio. Qb be like man. Take your time like we. We need your at one hundred ten percent so yeah exactly and that was the reason i wanted to kind of bring up also because like you know the the industry is we're constantly talking about how rough the industry can be in various different forms that i think is nice to also highlight that they're all moments on places where good things happening obviously would like it to happen to different people on all scales old ladders and places within the development of the game. Not just the star of the game But it shows that you know humanity and showing some compassion for people genuinely helps people in create if places in the same way help. Christopher judge he goes on to tweet about how he almost quit the game when Corey told him that he wasn't directed. The next one accord it was just like. Hey do you trust me and Christopher joyce yep and. He's like this. I i second aladdin me exactly like i would like to be like at a little thing of like them delaying wild like the amount of money that must have cost so i don't think like a simple decency thing because they could've still used his voice and hired a different actor to be the body. That sort of thing happens all of the time. I don't disagree. Kevin but i do think with a game this large and a studio this large. You're kind of. I like to assume that seniors. This large are building into The money they're spending. Yeah expecting some sort of delays for like. Hey just cases and this happened just in case we were into this issue. We're kind of prepared for this Ahead of time. I just feel like with with a company. This large making one product. Every what six years right like that that. Is you like them accounting for that. That's i think really really impressive and like shot. I think the other thing is like they have a an interest in making sure that talent is super super invested in staying in that role of feeling. Good about it. Because you look at like. They'd probably learning a lot from seeing novel In the movies right like those are similar movies and franchises on entertainment properties. The are in many way built off the back of their lead characters right like you think about what the does to robert downey junior and the idea that if you treat an actor like robert downey junior paulie. He's more likely to balance out alignment early right. And in that scenario you screw up so many things. I think we live in a world. Now where create as behind these things all understanding that you need to treat your you'll stalls and the people that kind of make the things happen little bit more compassion so they feel good about carrying on doing this because if it turns out off to this god of war. This is the end of the no saga they want to do. Another god of war and they want christopher judge to return. This is the kind of thing that's going to make him. Go absolutely unpack one hundred thousand percent yet one thousand percent and then they save themselves a lot of time and mocking spend in the future having to pitch this new cray toss as as a new acta and all that kind of stuff they save money on and they saved the headache on that because christopher judge zoa like you record to me when i needed you hope so. Let's do this tam. When when tom cruise breaks his ankle on the set of mission. impossible fallout. You don't just rush and then say tom. You can't be in the next stunt scenes are we're going to have to sideline you. You delay the whole movie. Because the franchise is nothing without you. Tom cruise and got a war in my opinion if they picked anybody else. That'd be the body acura..

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