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Computer generated action and special effects it's. The practical, stunts and real world sequences that make a movie like this rise above the. Rest sure staging an action scene in a computer. Gives the filmmaker more control but there's nothing quite as thrilling as watching the actual star of the film performing such impressive Interesting Hollywood's last chance to have a huge blockbuster before the kids start to head back to school and they pick the fine one to make that. Happen mission impossible fall out. Rocks this is Kevin car is at the movies dot. Com Tim tebow is likely not going to see his hopes, of playing in the majors this year. More on that from correspondent John Stolnis the former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy. Winner broke the hamate bone in his right hand as he took a. Swing during a. Minor league game last week Tibo plays for the New York Mets AA affiliate. In Binghamton. And was put on the disabled list over the weekend Tibo is scheduled to have surgery and probably won't. Play. Again this year as a result he turns thirty one next month. And made the double a all star team this year it was thought he could get a September call up when the. Rosters expand with the struggling last place Mets he to seventy three. With six home runs at Binghamton this season his second, year, as a Mets minor leaguer after a three year career in the NFL I'm John Stolnis a young athletes hard hits in sports can certainly take its toll in, later life Sierra Crawford has that story athletes who play. Hockey football boxing and other. Sports that involve repetitive hits to the head may have Increased risk of developing we body disease which can trigger Parkinson's researchers from Boston University in the VA Boston healthcare system analyzed nearly seven hundred brains as part of a chronic traumatic and stuff allopathy study found of the former athletes, about eighty one percent were found to. Have CT in twenty percent of those were diagnosed with Lewy body disease some. Experts appraising the findings as researchers have attempted to find out for years. Was behind no. Loss of motor function that occurs in a small number of CTE cases I'm. Sierra Crawford. A drug sniffing dog in the country of Columbia has been reassigned to ensure her safety correspondent TJ Katini. Tells. Us why the six year old German shepherd named Sambre which means. Shadow recently sniffed out nearly ten tons of cocaine belonging to Colombia's most notorious criminal organization the European US in retaliation the. Game put out a two million peso or seventy thousand dollar bounty. On Sambra's head police have reassigned the dog to Bogota, airport, a place considered much safer for her is it's outside of the Gang's made area of influence still counter-narcotics forces she'll be accompanied by extra officers to ensure her safety during deployments. I'm TJ Katini jimbohannon is championing one stores efforts on the offbeat What would you pay for a VHS tape most. Case are going to go for like a dollar or.

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