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Wins two defeats free wings to defeats and stuff like that from them. I think that brinton rogge's he. He quite and i go and i think that that s in some ways is a scrimp. As the as that belief in himself. I think you'll go to tottenham thinking that he's listing can dominate the bowl and push on and do what they like to do when we saw last year that attempts to die Hotline and spurs. Just hitting them on the counter-attack time off the time and think similar game will play out here and You know i. I think we're not mazing. Lee price buffing. That fairly priced to to to beat leicester and be. What was the mood like Around patty power. We can because. I know you've been offering all season. The cain to a assist sawn and son to assist kane and after the first goal against policy are a fact. You're at a worried way. A little bit. I mean it was pointed out last week that there's some big payouts when it has clicked and for me though like i always like when those when those planets gold. It's it's a nice story it's for pointers to have a bit of mony back there but yeah i'm sure there was a few nervous faces around the place because it it's it's all a big price on. It's still is for these guys. Soak a little bit nervous about in times of this game. What what is he going. Yeah i think. Similar to mark. I i can see last year kind of trying to go for this and trying to make a game of us and when they played liverpool. I taught they really got. They got it wrong very naively kind of set up to try and counterattack a refill on it was kinda i gained the liverpool played with the kind of weak and team and it just felt like they got it all wrong. I wonder will they take learnings from this ongoing trying beat spurs and play the football and i am. Joe's would be delighted if they did that. The dealt they'll pick them off kind of kant confidently taxpayers at evens. Am you know it. Just because the way they play and they do rely on a little bit of looked defensively. I mean it didn't go for the last night with the with the solid deflections and both teams are pretty solid in terms of goals from open. Play spurs are top. Lester are second with liberal. So i'm going to have a poke at the overseer kinda chair in the goals christine finding this difficult the separate Confident actually that we'll win this game. I caught light. The look of them at the price available. At a don't like what i'm seeing from. Leicester think that's my main kind of argument in terms of how this match will end up. Lost three of the last five matches now and you look at the game that they have won during that run a bit fortunate to beat sheffield united and then they beat up on the bat. Brighton team but otherwise. I think they've been you know Well beaten matches. Everton did a bit of a number on them on wednesday night. And i think spurs could do something similar as mark already mentioned last season. They turned up tried to dominate possession. And just got hit time and time again on the counter attacking if brenton bronze hasn't learned that lesson than is going to have a similar result and spurs could easily rapper appre. Comprehensive victory spurs defensively solid as the guys of already alluded to only conceded once home in the last six matches in competitions. There are few europa league gimmes in that run. But i think that looking very very solid. And i'd expect marinas men to bounce back from that of tough to take loss against liverpool and beat less quite easily. Yeah i said lester. Being fairly hot called hotlanta citizens. It'll be fascinating to see how they perform on sunday. The next game. Manchester united against leeds united. This is going to be an exciting one mark. The thing akan quite work out with lead is is from open play. Brilliant but for is meticulous is marcelo. Bielsa they just look all over the place trying to defend set-pieces all the don't he goes man to man. I mean some people whenever. there's a goal conceded. an zonal always get the pundits all go defend man's man and then You know you you realize that. There are pros and cons to work in both systems and offering. I'd prefer those images that due to some zone on some marking because the program with madam malkin's one person's which is off You know you the booze right. You're going to give up a really big opportunity in league with the fight. They've got some some key bats missing at the moment. Frewin injury Bamford some things have got like a big number nine cent fordham. That can come back and do a lot. That defending but i'm not harry. Kane is in the air or anything like that so they all of a technical team may be does lack of aerial prowess in the they've conceded the most goals from set-pieces this season eight. And i definitely couldn't pull anybody off having a few Senate a box coming up for the corners and free-kicks. Maguire is probably the obese. one them and lester To was teams ready when it comes to defending set faces and our site chuck every dollar. That the mentioned that's less again. Eric might be one for that because he's on free kicks as well but in terms of this game. I mean you'll be saying go for over free. And a half goals leads a ten shots on target against newcastle. And it's not the not the first time they've absolutely so battered down A team they did it against everton's while and and also played very well against manchester city. Never quite sure what you're going to get from them defensively Which is why nothing man. United will enjoy playing against team. That's quite open. Mind for man all over the page. So i think you'll be really fun game. Shame they won't be packed to the rafters. I'm is watching. A high will be in for good gain definitely expecting goals here on the yes. Certainly i agree with mark. This is hopefully going to be a goal fast on a on a really good spectacle and i do sometimes worry at this stage of the season with the kind of various committed. Bit more in this could end up being one of those shock. Neil all that everyone thought was going to be lots of goals Watching leads last night. I mean at they were. They were wide open bit disappointed. Newcastle couldn't get any get anything from the game was to to pretty routine goals africa's last night they look vulnerable. Defensively and we know that monday night you started their lasts three or four games very very slowly and then to have to mount a for yes in the second half to to get something. I can't back united the four to six ceasefire too short against a very very dangerous leads team. So where i kinda landed on. This was leads to leeds on the drawn obama's at twenty three ten. I just kind of as been stayed in either very dangerous. They they i think. They average sixteen shops the game and they tend on target as we sat against newcastle. Are likely to knock something here. And they'll start stronger than than men. United and i think if they can hold onto that the drano bet rates as a as a shop for me. Kristie the interesting thing with manchester united. It has being out that gulf in differences in terms of the performances. From first to second half and you know for me is if we're looking at this in with. We're hoping that manchester united rise at the table. They're going to have to find some kind of consistency between that. It's been a big problem as in the particular way for mine. They have to come from behind far too often. This season to take points and home. They've not been able to to make the breakthrough out they. They really struggled against manchester city in the dour manchester. W i'm sure it'll be desperate to forget and i think it's the slow start that's kind of pushed me towards my selection which is leads to score i in this game. United of as we've mentioned just been so slow out of the blocks this season and leads. Just take a bull by the horns. Sunday right from the off. The scored i in the last two games against western newcastle score. I in four app six away games. This season.

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