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Of dollars in real estate benefited from the agency's loan programs news of hannity's investments first reported by the guardian newspaper troubles kelly mcbride vice president of the poynter institute mcbride says it is standard practice to disclose potential conflicts of interest and many news organizations including npr make these policies publicly available it is a good form of accountability and transparency but fox does not publish their standards and i have never seen them this comes just after revelations at hannity was a client of trump attorney michael cohen who's home office and hotel room were raided by the fbi as mcbride notes hannity rayleigh defended both men on air without disclosing that connection there seemed to be so many conflicts of interest not only his relationship with trump but his relationship with trump's attorney and now his business arrangements that actually involve backing from the federal government a fox news spokeswoman declined to comment on its newsrooms conflict of interest policies instead she referred to hannity statement on his website which reads in part i had no role in or response ability for any hud involvement in any of these investments fox also points to hannity's own radio program in march in which he discusses in general his investments with henseler financial affirm that handled his real estate investments i have used them for financial dealings all of them full disclosure and we've done some business deals together and so however fox's lack of transparency about its own rules contributes to the problem you kennedy npr news washington.

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