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Yeah. That's when you turn to Office Depot officemax. Vishwa you need online at Office Depot dot com or on our app and pick it up in store for free and just one hour. So you can get back to whatever is looking on your to do list. Now. Save up to fifty percent at the big event. That's up to fifty percent off at Office Depot officemax. Offer expires February sixteenth twenty nineteen. Hello. This is Kerry hall, America's healthcare advocate with your health tip of the week gum disease, gum disease that is infection of the tissues at surrounded support. Your teeth is a major cause of tooth loss in adults because gum disease is usually painless. You may not even know you have it also referred to as period, Don was eased gum disease is caused by plaque. You know that sticky film of bacteria, that's constantly forming on your teeth. Here's some warning signs. You need to know. So they can signal you may have a problem gums bleed easily read or swollen tender gums gums that have pulled away from the teeth persistent, bad breath or bad taste, permanent teeth that are loose or separating any change in the way your teeth fit together when you buy or any change in the fit of parcels or dentures. These are all signals that you may have a problem, and it may be gum disease. So if you've got any of these issues, are you think you have them go, see your dentist? Now, if you suspect you have gum disease because the sooner you treat it the better. That's the way you solve gum disease. The only man who is taking on the Wall Street establishment. You're listening to the watchdog and Wall Street with Chris Markowski..

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