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Downhill What's. Trending for the first time since two thousand. Fourteen Tuesday's MLB, slates off. Five, extra inning games. On the same day. So we had. A walk off home run we had blown no hitter And the Phillies are the Phillies beat the dodgers in sixteen innings the as beat the Rangers in ten innings the cardinals beat the reds and eleven, and, the brewers beat the NATs in, ten? Astras also beat the Rockies in, ten and that reading that right there was the first I found out about this can't be good for rob breads Matt, rob Manfred mission to shorten baseball right I mean in one day alone. They probably shattered the average well as we're getting crushed in. The seventh and they came back and win an extra innings which continues a streak for. Oakland that is out, of control right now I think yesterday was the twenty three of. Their last thirty quick math would make them twenty four of their last thirty one, games, that they've won they are on. Fire which for, me and my beloved Oakland Raiders causes a. Little concern I like now I have, to start worrying. About the raiders. Playing on the the the the dirt from. The baseball here as you know I'm a fan of my beloved Seattle Mariners it appears that our interests converters again the Oakland. A.'s that's that's fair I don't have a. Favorite baseball team yet so You, know I could be talked into the Mariners. I mean maybe longest playoff drought in, major US sports. And so I. Wanna add more suffering to minority suffering raider, fan I. Should pick, the Yankees the shame the as don't. Know anything, about historic win streaks really uncharted territory for. These guys you're being sarcastic now thank you for picking up on By the way not for nothing if we're shortening, things rob Fred great nickname for. The for the. Commission, that isn't that is pretty spectacular Speaking of pretty spectacular the. Yankees. Have acquired pretty spectacular all star relievers act Britain from the Baltimore Orioles for three minor league pitchers in a trade announced Tuesday nights yeah so, the best bullpen in the bigs, gets better in this is no stranger strapping, on more, ammo to an already strong portion of their lineup and you brought it up before but the Orioles going full tilt, on this you know real rebuild getting. The most that they, can out of great players that have been, there even while they've struggled Orioles not Cleveland did and extending Kevin love I keep saying I I know Britain that. I keep saying Brittan which I don't know if, it's, like a pretentious thing or what leads me to put the emphasis, on the ton but with Connie, Britton to from, Friday, night. Lights Honey Brittan making more eclectic now that, he's going to New York Baltimore the Baltimore to New York transition the.

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