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From the Bloomberg newsroom in New York, I'm Bob moon. Some mixed signals from US officials today on the likelihood of that tariff. President Trump has been threatening to slap on all goods from Mexico people with the matter till Bloomberg this afternoon. The five percent duty aimed at strong arming Mexico into stemming the flow of illegal migrants might be delayed with time for a deal running short and Mexican negotiators seemingly working seriously to address Trump's concerns, a short time ago. However, press secretary, Sarah Sanders dismissed the report saying the administration's position has not changed that the US is still moving ahead with the plan tariffs. At this time, vice president Pence said today, no Mexico deal has yet been reached, although the US is encouraged by the talks so far speaking to Bloomberg today. Former Mexican president percent a FOX said the tariff threat makes no sense, black maybe Mexico because he claims who have not gone. Our job on the migration issue. If incredible that you meek, both issues. They have nothing to do with each other Trump has said the terrorists will be enacted on Monday, some Republican lawmakers have cautioned him against an action that they fear will harm the US economy. The university of Alabama appears poised to give back twenty one point five million dollars donated by philanthropist, who has since called on students to boycott school over the state's new abortion ban. Hugh Culverhouse junior says he has no doubt this is about his abortion remarks. But Alabama says the dispute has to do with his attempts to dictate how his donation is to be used. The trustees will decide tomorrow whether to return the gift West Point officials say the military training vehicle that overturned killing one and injuring several was being driven by a soldier on rough terrain nineteen other cadets in two soldiers were injured. When the vehicle flipped over on a dirt road early this morning. Their injuries are not. Considered life threatening in honor of the fallen and the singular bravery of all allied troops, who advanced their bloodied water to the beaches of Normandy, seventy five years ago on d day there were moments of silent tribute hand rousing flourishes from a military band today. Fresh president Emmanuel Macron and President Donald Trump praised the soldiers sailors, airmen survivors, and those who lost their.

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