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There's where there's smoke. There's fire and where there's fire this Brodie van wagon Brodie van wagon is making things happen shaking the tree. I like it. I like it. I like it as a met fan. I know we're going to be talking about all these different possible deals and all that other stuff. I can't really get into the deal until I know exactly what it is. And if it does involve Syndergaard in a Yankee uniform that is going to be hard to swallow really going to be hard to swallow. I mean, come on guys where we gonna put Noah Syndergaard on the is that what we're really really hope that that does not happen. Maybe Brian Cashman figures that a you know, I've worked with Brody down wagon and over the years. I we can have conversations we can talk about this. I do not wanna see there's there's two parts of me. Sure. Met fan part of me does not want. To see Noah Syndergaard any Yankee uniform. Sure that's the Mets fan point about the Yankee fan part of the waiver now. Now, the best the businessman part of me, the businessman wants the Mets to get a top-flight catcher and wants the Yankees to get a top-flight pitcher because I want my teams the Mets in this case, the B B fall to be whole as a team, and I want a top-flight catching that would be JT Muto. Let's face it. That's what it is. But man, if it's gonna cost us Noah Syndergaard any Yankee uniform, and I'm sure they'll be other things coming back because that's not enough and Noah Syndergaard. I'm sorry. That's just not enough. If if I'm going to sit here and watch Noah Syndergaard in a Yankee uniform, we better get something else back. It can't it can't just be this. And I can't I just can't watch that. Well, he's dealing with two teams Brody as with the Yankees in the Marlins wherever you said Noah Syndergaard to either one of those places it's going to be talked to take for the Mets fan one. You got him in the. The yankees. Yes. I know. It'd be the Marlins in the Marlins don't have much of a roster, and they're rebuilding and all that. But you still want to see Noah Syndergaard that individuals don't is in somebody else out there. The Mets can get involved. Here's somebody that's like, you know, a thousand miles away. Does it have to be like I'm not against remember last year? I was saying, you know, maybe over to the Yankees because of where he was in his career and what he was doing how bad the Mets replying and we're talking about glacier tours. We were talking about Andrew do we were talking about a couple of other players. And I said, well, you know, we just threw that out there. You know, when I was pushing that narrative got all that. But I'm thinking right now, man, if I gotta watch Noah Syndergaard of the Yankee uniform, I I may throw up. Yeah. You can't always judge based on fan. Anyway. Right. Just for the hell of it idiots last night. We'll have no idea how to just keep it real. And just keep it like at a steady pace, you guys are just like building and building and building and building to a crescendo to where you can't even walk anymore. But wait a second. You gotta Blaine OSs for the crescendo. I mean, I think. I think..

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