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The archivists. The film grand delusion. It's interesting awesome said that if a decree when forth all films had to be destroyed the one film let's should be preserved his grand delusion all he wasn't wrong about that. The picture is unbelievable. If you watch how he got renoir got on the screen the attitudes and the not only performances but the way of life the people i mean everything about. It is so remarkable and some great performances. Yeah to be sure of eric. Von stroheim with the whisky drawing his neck back. He comes and pf for neighbor with whom i acted in the play. Called noah hair is. He's a great actor. Great actor rene and we haven't mentioned the fact that you became very close to jean renoir. During his exile here during the war and then when he moved here permanently the los angeles. I love john we did. I very proud of the fact that he reached richard directors. Last picture corolla. Have you seen it. I have not embarrassed to say would literally count role. Would my foam madge leah. Love alone on that one either. I said you're not alone on that. One either oh god now we so beautiful in it and a wonderful person. Ooh eventually move to europe and as our grandmother and she moved to europe to be without grandkids but she was exquisite in corolla as she was. I think it's so many things she did but she was a great favorite of your house. And let at. I think for the record i should tell you. One of my favorite scenes was young. A making of a picture made here at the southern and this delete joie scott and betty field who was a major star on broadway There's a scene and where they are very poor people but two of them and they have a small patch of land. They have to rage raise vegetables on it in order to eat and then the scene little dog a small dog gets.

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