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One north and south of sixteen oh four and sixteen oh four as you head east and west at two eighty one hi Blaine Brooks newsradio twelve hundred W. away I for now a big temperature dive on the way by mid week maybe a passing storm overnight a low only of sixty early April like warmth a high in the mid eighties Tuesday with dry conditions late night thunderstorms Tuesday night turning a lot colder and windy lows in the low forties partly sunny a strong north when Wednesday high not even making fifty I'm meteorologist works of it from the weather channel on San Antonio's official weather station newsradio twelve hundred W. away I breaking news on the hour at the half and any time at W. away I dot com brought to you by primo plumbing on news radio twelve hundred W. away I if you're retired or approaching retirement age listen to what I have to say limiting hazards that lead to falls in your home is so important it's the number one factor that's going to allow you to stay independent one of the most dramatic improvement you can make to your home is eliminating that bath tub that you have to step over to take a shower call Christian Jones the owners of se showers and ask them to show you how their shower conversion is going to make such a dramatic improvement to your life features like a very low in pre step slip resistant floors and grab bars save showers will make your bathroom dramatically safer and reduce that risk of falling the consultation is free and this month you'll save seven hundred fifty dollars off the normal price and they have easy payment plans for qualified buyers servicing San Antonio Austin all of the hill country so call the day to one oh six five five eleven eleven or go to their website save showers dot com according to the national highway traffic safety administration more than one hundred Americans die each day in traffic crashes and thousands more are injured if you were injured in a car crash call Thomas J. Henry Thomas J. Henry handle serious auto accident cases.

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