President Trump, Senator Heller, Nevada discussed on Erin Burnett OutFront - Trump Shames Sessions, GOP Senators Vote to Debate Health Bill, McCain Returns to Senate for Health Care Vote


I would like some of those words from john mccain today comes with stewart i appreciate your time good to have you back ya all right thank you and next the top republican senator under massive pressure at home cast the deciding vote on health care the comments like this sway dean heller republican turncoat and gene should have an arch next tuesday and sanjay gupta on john mccain's returned to the senate floor just days after major surgery on a brain tumor when diesel tnt into the provokative ruled over you will you shakespeare cianci's new drums shoes we are not only weapons a woods told with revolutionary visual style the modern sumatra the sousse celebrates old love lost history and bruins of william shakespeare gnc's new series rule bears monday signign starting to lighten on tnt and all the tnt app senate republicans clearing their first major hurdle to repeal and replace obamacare squeaking out of fifty one fifty vote to begin debate on their latest plan vice president pence cast the tiebreaking vote one big reason for the victory was senator dean heller young law is out front broadcasting live outta las vegas sin city seven ninety talk now want to understand what kind of pressure nevada republican senator dean heller is under just turned on talk radio so let's talk about the consequences senator dean heller is facing heated born out of republican turncoat gene should have an arching next whose name us seething base that heard the threats from president trump loud and clear as a party must fulfill that solemn promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace what they've been saying for the last seven years the president made that threat intimately before delivering it personally and publicly to senator heller look he wants to remain senator dozen a okay and i think the people of your state which i know very well i think they're going to appreciate.

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