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I mean, when you look at it when you talk about impeachment inquiry, they they're holding up. Going into an inquiry, which would clearly show that the most, you know, criminal president, we've ever had in American history. But you said the thing that is right? Which is trust. And you can't trust these people you can't trust them because Trump is not interested in solving this problem. He is interested in keeping this alive. So he has an issue to run on in twenty twenty that's all he has is to demonize the Brown, people that are coming to America into demonize them in a way that emerged his car's gonna probably make this point game because he's made it many times the difference between Trump's get tough on the border policy and President Obama's policy was number one doesn't Obama was trying to demonstrate to the other side, or publicans that he's willing to be tough in terms of border enforcement to thinking, he could get a deal thinking, if they were tough on that than Republicans will come to the table, which never happened. And the other issue was that what President Obama has been criticized for was deporting people, Donald Trump isn't deport. People. They're holding people captive for money. Donald Trump seems to see here is that the geo group in these other for profit private prisons could make a lot of money holding kids, especially if they don't spend money feeding them. That made it McCollum earlier this week was that, yes, we did open the door, quite a bit with past policies to President Trump having these kids, tortured, essentially in these incarcerated states that they have right now. But I think that you can't necessarily say that Obama did the same thing. Not can't say President Bush did the same thing. You, you have to look at what we did in the past as say..

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