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Dogs are in charge, served them. Well american. Petsmart. Right now. I'm holding perfectly ice cold Coors, light. You know how he notes the perfect temperature because the mountain on the Ken is blue. And also, it's really cold every Coors, light is cold filtered, cold logger and called packaged notice. How many times I said cold three times? It's that cold. So make sure the mountain on. Your can of course, light is because that means it's ready to enjoy twenty nineteen course brewing company, Golden, Colorado. Celebrate responsibly. Jim basketball. The votes are in for the Pennzoil performance of the week. Nolan are not gets the nod with forty eight percent of your vote. The reason why four homers and three games fourteen hits fivethirtyeight average the rocks eleven one. When he goes deep that performance of the week Pennzoil brought to you by Pennzoil the first Fetig, Motorola made from natural gas. The proof is in the Pennzoil nee golick and wingo featuring might go controls wing sports life and the biggest names in the game six to ten AM eastern, every weekday Golic and wingo and ESPN radio and ESPN news. It's a new game at Busch stadium. Three three ninth inning back to say Lewis with singing shown. I Jim thank you very much, John. This is the sixth pitcher now the game for the cardinals. He comes in with the potential, go ahead. Run ninety feet away at third base sets Riley a three three ball game. A pinch hitter here for.

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