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Pieces of space debris have dropped the window for that. 23 ton 10 story. Chinese rocket to enter Earth's atmosphere has tightened significantly. It's still no definitive location where the Chinese long March five Be rocket will fall. New data from the U. S Space Force shows four possible orbits in play with a 75% chance it will land in the water remnants from the rocket are up to 100. FT. Long, Nothing this heavy has fallen back to Earth in more than 30 years. Zoran Shah ABC News, Los Angeles Small child. Shot at New York, New York's Times Square's Today four men got into a fight right in the middle of Times Square along Broadway when one of them pulled out a gun and started shooting. Three innocent bystanders were struck by bullets, two adult women and 14 year old. They were taken to the hospital with injuries. Thankfully, are not going to be life threatening. The four men who were in the fight fled the scene. Police are now looking for the shooter. They did recover ballistic evidence on Broadway. Aaron could her ski ABC NEWS New York Wide receivers coach for the University of Kentucky Football team. Jovon Bouknight is charged with D U I by police in Erlanger. He was reportedly booked into the Canton County Jail about four o'clock this morning. And is heading into a second season on the University of Kentucky football staff after he came from Oregon last year, as you heard here on news radio 700 wlw Tonight, the Reds lost at Cleveland. The final score nine to Syria's Is even at a game apiece, and the final game is tomorrow afternoon. Inside pitch 12 11th pitch 1 10 right here on news radio 700 wlw and Chick Ludwig will be talking about tonight's game in just a moment. It is 10. Oh, six. Next news coming up at 10 30, Matt Reese News.

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