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The twenty twenty Indiana primary now state house bureau chief Rick Berman good evening the compressional races are coming into focus as this election night draws to a close in the fifth district the most closely watched race tonight and the most closely watched race in November it will be two women who will be senator Victoria Spartz of Noblesville taking things on for the Republicans former lieutenant governor nominee Christina Hale taking things off for the Democrats they are vying for the seat of Susan Brooks the retiring Republican incumbent both of them winning their primaries with about forty percent of the vote lots of mail in balloting still to be done but the races have been called sparks has declared victory in her race the first district still source of suspense that probably will not be decided until we get some mail in balloting counted Frank chamber van endorsed by the departing Pete Visclosky township trustee son of a state senator leading by six points over Hammond mayor Thomas McDermott who's been closing the gap all night the rest of the races pretty much set Jackie Walorski renominated the second Jim banks re nominated in the third grade pence renominated him the six hundred Carson renominated the seventh their opponents faced tough odds there they have races in districts that belong to the other party but we have Pat Hackett ready gets Jackie Walorski winning her primary easily Joe Mackey an easy winter not quite as easy about half the vote in a four way race he will take on Jim Baird was unopposed tonight still undecided in the eighth district three candidates each with about a third of the vote at the moment is Thomasina Mar Sealy leading a former nominee that district right Drake and Mike Webster and then finally in the ninth district that race has been called tree Hollingsworth unopposed and will face and the rough in the fall you're listening to network Indiana until the game's Abbas joins me as we looked over the races up to I want to throw four names after David he's got ski Lima graphic Chris Jeter I guess that's two names right there on the open sea to Brian Bosma Matt Lehman Kurt nicely those four races are still up in the air probably will not be resolved until we get those mail in ballots counted which one of those if any surprises you I think the one that surprised me the most is occurred nicely race because her nicely has a has a following in his district in particular but he's not that popular outside of his district and so to see him I know not mean able that no quite sure what's going to be happy with him that when I find to be the the most interesting and of course races are find out within the district and so you would expect that you have an advantage on that basis but that his opponent bill Dixon made the case that look his unpopularity with the leadership means he's not getting things done at the state house the he's not a good representative in the literal sense nicely is trailing at the moment Sydney's got ski who mentioned house Majority Leader Matt Lehman they are both leading but by narrow enough margins that we're not comfortable calling those yet and then there's the race for Brian Bosma C. to use the retiring house speaker of course already got his house speaker Chris Jeter leading that were narrowly just a few percentage points against Liam McGrath any surprises there yes because that race got real ugly real fast real quick other allegations against Chris Jeter about him being a criminal defense attorney allegations against softly across and so that one is gone back and forth of that one I am not surprised at all we may not know about the real world results that for a few days yeah I feel confident we won't know the results of a few days we will update you with what we have when we talk to you again this is election coverage on network Indiana thousands of locally owned stores across the nation chances are that wherever you call home we do too so is America starts opening back up for business that is more of a start getting back.

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