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Country or around the world interstate moving has been delivering quality moves You can trust for over 75 years visit their website Move interstate dot com Dave told I doubled your TOP traffic We're joined by storm team four meteorologist Matt Ritter Matt the temperatures outside to sort of represent a descending slide whistle right now Yeah the front's gone through and it's getting colder out there especially in the northwest suburbs right now and everyone else is going to see temperatures that were much that are going to be much colder than the ones we had last night Skys will stay mostly clear from here on in overnight lows will be the mid teens to low 20s so then after sunrise tomorrow the wind speeds will really start to pick up So despite the sunshine it's going to be blustery and much colder day tomorrow high temperatures only ranging from the upper 20s to low 30s so most of us staying below freezing tomorrow Wind chills all day will be in the single digits and the teens But as high pressure gets closer tomorrow evening the wind speeds will start to die down it'll be a cold Wednesday night There's you'll be mostly sunny and it's still gonna be unseasonably cold below average but not being as windy It's gonna feel a lot better It has to be in the low to mid 30s Cloudy for Friday a cold rain will be arriving late in the day with the storm system coming up from the south And that's going to possibly change over to a wintry mix towards nighttime highs will be in the mid to upper 30s and depending on where a secondary storm decides to develop along the east coast that rain and wintry mix could be changing over to an accumulating snow of some sort on Saturday So a lot of wild cards stole the forecast for the weekend Of course we'll keep you updated 31° and highest down right now 37 Aquaman is 41 in Mount Pleasant north D.C. Thank you Matt brought you by Dallas glass for all your glass mirror and shower door.

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