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It's been like we had shutdowns mascot mascot mascot The restaurants here. There's no entertainment going on so when you saw those outbreaks And and it was considering the amount of travel. How many guys are playing are on a major league baseball roster It was amazing that there wasn't a full outbreak. But were these guys. Actually leaving the ballpark and being careful like how was it getting. Because that's what a lot of the talk was. Oh this guy went out you know. Oh i'm in florida. I'm going out to dinner where you know. They weren't told to. They didn't isolate temple worthies percent in high percentage of mlb players being very careful. When they left the ballpark. You know look. I can only answer with the team that i cover And i shut down that periodically during the yankee season last year And you know texted called. You know people that i trust in the organization that you know would have some insight on that type of thing and and it kept coming back to me that On the road that you know the yankees did. They followed the guidelines and so You know you had I think it was a oldest chapman. Tested positive coming into camp last year. but then you know he never experienced any symptoms and he joins two or three days after spring training to Started up again early july There's one or two other guys. Obviously the extent the two minor leaguers right off the bat you remember in mid march landed a type positive and and there was a fear that there'd be a widespread. You know wildfire would take off like wildfire across their minor leagues. That never happened So you know. Look i i the the yankee guys and i think the proof is in the the fact that they didn't have any outbreaks did what what was spelled out for them to do And i would say by and large based on the evidence that that was pretty much the case across the sport you heard a lot of complaining about it behind the scenes But you know not one hundred percent but you know i would say percents. Plus of the guys across across the sport Did what they were supposed to that. eric sorry. We're gonna take a quick break. Can you stick around with us for a little while longer. Talk about the upcoming yankee season. I do it. But then i don't have too much time. Okay so we'll take a quick You know what we're going to hold off on the break so coming. What are we going to hold off on the break. We're here with eric bulletin. Newsday what our expectations for the yankees. This year i mean coming in every year. It seems like okay. We got the hitting got the pitching and they fall flat. You look the strength of and probably obviously you know. Follow the sport. They strength in major league baseball right now overwhelming us and the nationally. You know you can reel off. Ken teams in the nationally. Who i think have a legitimate You can put contender pennant contender next to next to them.

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