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Much more on this story Coming up at 6 31 police looking for the driver whose vehicle struck and killed an elderly man in Little Village, six year old Lee Seol Mendoza was hit by a great color GMC SUV Tuesday afternoon of the 3200 Block of West 26 Street. He was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition and later succumbed to his injuries. Mendoza's granddaughter has set up a gold fund me to help the family pay for funeral expenses, and a community activist is offering a $2000 reward for information. Bob Conway and his radio one or 5.9 FM, all police officers in Annie are getting body cams. They'll also have in car video system's upgraded The Daily Herald reports. The two video systems will be integrated and they are buying them for all 12 squad cars. The fitness industry has changed dramatically during the pandemic. In light of Illinois's latest coronavirus mitigation, indoor group, Fitness classes are restricted, which is forcing some gyms to pivot once again to keep their doors open and patron safe. Have a team that's resilient and just, you know, mark a lot. A lot of great people that keep pushing the pedal on. Well, this David blitz with Studio three says. Since the pandemic began, they've launched a new booking platform. Ah, live streaming module lie with as three and opened an outdoor workout experience called the Arena 50 socially distance. Platforms, turf covered platforms, 6 ft Apart, and in September we opened actually covered outdoor. A facility under an old bank drive to right at our making park facility. A 24 hour, one, North, Hall said. Blitz says wellness has ever been more critical during the pandemic. Studio three, has space in Lincoln Park and River North and will soon open a third studio and Fulton Market. Lisa Fielding NewsRadio one of 5.9 FM showers. Smart quiz question just ahead, along with a check of Wall Street and a reminder we'll talk with Tom Fair about the Bears quarterback situation that's coming up at 6 45 and 6 22. People everywhere want answers. Critics are calling Stephen Cool Bear the hottest late night host boom bombshell. Riveting watch What gripping television? Wow, a beacon of hope in humanity. I'm so excited that I'm not getting any of the sleep I normally don't get and they can't get enough of him. Right now. I'm more sour dough than man at this point is that way, I always want to poke your belly to hear you giggle The late show with Stephen Colbert weeknights on CBS. This holiday season may feature more merriment with our devices than ever before, as we stay connected.

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