Congressman John Conyers, Capitol Hill, Congressman discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


Congressman john conyers spotted boarding a plane to go back home while on capitol hill today his own party is pressuring him to leave for good stepped down i i i there's no question in my mind that he should multiple women have now accused conyers of misconduct or harassment one of them his former deputy chief of staff it was a town hall meeting he he bent down to give me a message in my left ear and he arm for his hand up by dress another accusers as conyers would walk around the office in his underwear but one former top aide defence him most of us have walked in on him accidentally without nakae and have seeing him in his underwear big deal that's where his closet is he changes his clothes their conyers denies the accusations but admits to secretly paying one former staffer at twenty seven thousand dollar settlement tonight in detroit the congressman's wife distraught and you want it once and killed as dedicated fifty three years of his life community service and the congressman defiant his lawyer says he will not resign slipped a lot of mary bruce is up on the hill tonight and mary house democratic leader nancy pelosi was criticized for her response on sunday to the conyers allegations calling him quote an icon in our country but tonight her message has changed somewhat david democratic aides tell us leader pelosi is now trying to force the congressman out a short while ago she tweeted no matter your contribution to our country you do not get a path to harrass or discriminate david mary bruce on the hill mary thanks next did i hear north.

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