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Conservative genders largely been accomplished and now the party the only party in texas the republicans are split in half i have a feeling that you know this is kind of model for what's happening right now washington lawrence right on texas in washington that's next time on the new york radio tonight at seven on 939 fm wnyc this is wnyc 939 fm and hd new york some was emailed me who who you stay it says dear john you think you're so smart about the red sox can you name the position players in the early 50s hi i know you can't uh huh bob guy's name is bob hawke billy goodwin at first bobby george ii johnny pesky it short oh gift to third in a moment birdie each other it's the catcher williams and left dominic dimaggio in center announced the rila in right field who went missing iii now that's good enough for you bob third base billy goodman burst bobby door second oh burned stevens got it at the last second house that bob thank you for listening bob burns stevens the last minute a leaping catch i made you want to hear something absolutely great but she smith in eight nobody's business if i too.

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