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I seen the show before it is hosted by dan speller or is it spiel s p h l e r and i just i've been asking i've got different pronunciations i dunno i have nothing against man whatsoever but i want you to hear how he has a conversation with tim swearing's of the indy star this past weekend about farrakhan but audrey carson has been in the news in recent weeks facing some controversy over a meeting he held with louis farrakhan especially after some increasingly controversial comments from farrakhan in recent weeks tim you wrote this column about the situation this past week after speaking with congressman carson he told you he wouldn't rule out another meeting in the future he won't rule out another meeting in the future refused to condemn farrakhan's comments has hate speech directly criticized louis farrakhan sensitive situation you don't think he's handling it the nation of islam is a certified hey crew according to the southern poverty law center farrakhan has a thirty year record plus of extremely hateful bigoted commentary it's highly questionable whether a member of congress should sit down with the leader of such group talk about public policy now you heard the host there say it was a sensitive situation you heard tim swearing say it's highly questionable whether a member of congress should sit down with someone like louis farrakhan i let me say it's not highly questionable the answer is no you wouldn't allow anybody to sit down with david duke or richard spencer you would be there would be riots in the streets there would be protests everywhere we've now just finally got in the media to talk about this in indianapolis after discussing for three weeks straight i'm thrilled to see it happen by the way but to the idea that it's a sensitive situation which i think he said twice marinas they're seven calling for carson and other lawmakers to resign in the wake of all this used to work for congressman carson when you make it this as we said it's pretty sensitive situation sensitive sensitive situation i wanna make sure we all understand that this is not a sensitive situation understanding what to do about congressman carson not denouncing louis farrakhan is not a sensitive situation it is actually a very easy situation to understand to comprehend and to move through and if you want to approve of this to understand this let us go directly to.

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