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Like extracts more of the fats. But it can make it gritty a really cat. And so, I think the pulverizing then soaking then blending, I think is steps to an ultimately really creamy high extraction and product. So, okay. So for the Hort shot you, you. You pulverize the rice, you so kit, I wanna pull up the recipe which I left in the printer. And then you and then you blend it correct. Okay. So you're pulverizing the race. You are combining with almonds and cinnamon Hotak. Woah, will there's others nuts in here. There's some nuts in here and this is also this is gonna relate. Foreshadow another another race beverage and then UPA in a blender until no longer gritty about says four minutes. That's a long time. That's a long time to have your blunder on. You gotta put some headphones on for that. That's like a let's long track. You know. I mean I do feel like honestly, a lot of things that are made in blenders food processors people don't get it smooth enough. You just got a run. The thing let it go. Let us do its job. Let go walk away go away and also like get comfortable in the high setting Vitamix at home. We have a competitor into warring. Which was free to me. I don't have a vitamin expedite that and it works much in the same way as it really loud. Yeah. Yes. Pretty loud. You know, honestly, I gotta be real like I very rarely take my blender my food processor anymore. I just don't. I'm just to a hate cleaning them and I do it when absolutely necessary..

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