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The World Series. I'll tell you one thing you could probably you can get it done. If you're the socks because you have something to give. Cubs don't have anything to give. Well, they do, but they're guys. They're not willing to give Brennan Davis Braylon Marquez and get Howard Miguel a mine You can. Well, you can't do that, and you're not in a position to do that. You've got to be able continue to grow that farm shipping. Okay. Correct me If I'm wrong, though, if they're going to re sign Willson Contreras that makes Miguel a Maya tradable. Yeah, sure. It absolutely does. Yeah, You could do that, But But do you want to trade him for a two month rental? Or do you want to trade him for someone? You have control a picture You have control over for six years. I mean, This is the dilemma. Jed Hoyer, his face and I'm talking about Rick Con, you understand? Oh, now we're back to reckon. Yeah. I mean, Rick Hahn needs to put basically push all in if he can now, he said yesterday. This is more. They're still thinking, long term and all these things, but he does have a Rolls Royce of rotation. So if it takes one position player to sort of make them feel better about their lineup, then he should do that. Because that rotation is great. Has no guarantees next year. None none. You don't know what Dallas Chemical is going to be next year. Lance Lynn is up Lucas Jill. I mean, who knows? You have a Rolls Royce of irritation. Now I think we're in Han Rickon needs to think of it that way. This is our chance to win the World Series. Even if we have some sort of five year window. This is now you have a great pitching staff now, So I'm with you on that cap. I just trade Turner. Man that's going to take a lot. It's gonna take a lot. I just I know Mike Rizzo. I just He's not going to, you know, Okay, give me a couple nights prospects. No, he's selling. He's going to. He's going to sell high. There's no doubt. So how much did you win? The four winds casino in South Bend yesterday I'd have a chance to go. I mean, it was It was in and out. We don't know. We were big day today is going to be a great day. Every day I had to get back and get my beauty sleep. Hey, man, have a great day. Okay. Alright, guys see over there, cap. Say hello. I'll be out there There is that is Jessie Rogers Brought to you by the pride stores. 15 Chicago area locations. NBA last night. Bucks strike back. Kobe white major surgery. I'll tell you why. I think this actually might be a silver lining for the Chicago Bulls. Right back Cap and Jay Hood mornings on ESPN. 1000, Chicago's home for Sports. Waddell and Sylvie Jay Cutler joins us. We're all in on.

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