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Active appoint woken up by the gophers hamden as they solid for checking Notre Dame is keeping a bottle up for finally spoken out. Takes a pass from gates heads up the right wing drops a factor. She the ratio, right? All Baltic a tattoo. Pulse over his stick. Never got a good shot on what it was rather juicy rebound. Now, there's a shot deflected a block. Feed that is stopped by kale. Moore's and the best scoring cages of the entire game. At this point just happened at the Notre Dame goal. Many which are Mark on that about two three chances right there at least a camps. Yeah. Right in kale Morris's face first, period shot chart shows five Minnesota attempts. And I think all five of them reached goal weight in pale Morris's face this this Minnesota team has grown at an answer. Yes. They are. Other picking up these little tidbits of advice from coaching staff and sticking to it Franken, it's it's paying on the things that we've heard at the beginning of the year that we have to do. Now this team is getting a lot better out that. Notre Dame coming out of there and the number nine right team cut in swagger with a shot right on and hugging the left to make the stop was Robson for you're right. This idea kit is dynamic. He is very impressive coaches. Kids tend to beat okay? Yes. They do just out Mike Gainesville. This kid just signed a thirty million dollar contract do weeks ago that bad. Yeah. You know, I remember earlier this year there were a couple of but ugly games for the golden gophers earlier this year, Saint Lawrence anybody Patton, practical lady, and I. You're calling the game. And Pat, and I would look at one another. Thinking about how weak on the park. Minnesota was in several spots folks tonight right now, and in that especially in that Saturday game against Penn State last weekend team is not playing week on the puck out all they're really strong in their skates. Strong on the stick. They face off lost by the gophers in their own zone. Delo gets the puck down the wall for Tyson Tyson Pineau center, it helped Al below the goal line. But the gophers Tyler nanny will take over chips at high off the glass, and we'll turn out to be an icing. Call by games. Minnesota. Much work. Go back to pre game interview with Moscow asking him about what what makes it difficult to defend the offense of Notre Dame. Seeing it a lot in the first period is they will turn the offense juice when they've got numbers. They've got the man advantage. They will turn it on. But if it's even there dot up with as many numbers as the defenders have back. Back off. They won't be as aggressive boy. Once they get in this own lookout. Yup. There comes Nathan Burke for the gophers muscling his way up is to get by Tyson does and sends it in deep for Walker back because Minnesota works the left side passes walked by Graham. Then he feeds it out the center ice. It's brought back up ice by Michael Leary. But he's kicked off the play by Phillips. They pulled back behind the Minnesota goal. Robbie sucker in there as well. As a puck is pushed up the of the left wing who then a quick shot off the wall, by Graham is steered by Robson. Phillips. We'll try to clear the paddle along the wall. We finally back defy Notre Dame. Gophers to come out of his own as the gopher line change sit for Robbie sucker. Stocker now having to chase down. His man Steve's brought into the zone. It's draw. Back a shot. By Robson off into the corner. Notre Dame picking up some momentum right now. The gophers come outta their zone and Novak gigs it out of his skates crosses the line. But he can't get around the moon. Tori, Delo and back to the gopher blue. Here's Rancho plenty of off the boards. Matt Stevens will shoot a back into the Minnesota. Turnover personnel for Notre Dame this year's they lost seven regulars from last year's team that was national runner ups. Pudding two players who left early to turn pro Tommy Novak coming back. That is forced to circle back to his own blue line and in passes with off the wall for sample Ranta finished player for the gophers. Comes rent up the right side cuts left crosses center. Now the blue line, but it's stripped off of his back the other direction. Here comes cameras. Shot on goal on a partial breakaway pad say by Matt Robson. Peterson have some speed now Burke with a shock hand. Cal Berkeley the door helps to guide at slowly back goalkeeper, then it's frozen for a face off. Let's pause ten seconds for station identification. This is where you hear Minnesota golden gopher hockey. AM eleven thirty one zero three point five FM HD Chen or wide on iheartradio. The twin cities news talk station. H E L K M, Minneapolis. Well, a little bit earlier this game we heard from Tyler see he had a couple of other players about the needs of minimize mistakes. And that last great scoring opportunity for Morrison for Notre Dame happened with a little bit too cute of playing at the offense of blue line sample Aranda tried to carry certain of stripped to the puck and then Morrison was up eyesight streak of lightning. Stole scoreless hockey game. Four minutes into the second period and apparently free game to this point Minnesota. Stop somehow by Morris? Oh, he had an try right at the edge of the goal crease. Now back the other direction. Lieberman shooting in the gophers Papa. Wide who he was set up beautifully. Thirty feet spread out in front and Robson was street. I don't think he saw now. Garrett wait breaking in tiny cut in a puddle. Hose and cleared away from the crease Philip suits. But there's way too many bodies out there. Look like the Mexican wall goalkeeper. The partial hard on wall. We haven't finished it yet. The government needs money. Frank. Here's ram fleeing a backhander deeply zone to the left of Morris. How many bodies weren't that goal? Trace their six. Really three guys at weren't the three. Yeah. I'd go with seven. There was no chance going back on the left point puck taken now by the Irish, but they lose it was Mark del turning it over gophers coming up three onto all they have to wait. Was off side and finally whacked by lake. And I don't think he realized that was and that stops play. Well, we'll take a break. It's still scoreless five and a half minutes here in our period, and this is gopher hockey from learfield..

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